Monday, April 25, 2011

Naifeen Al-Mazroui

Monday, April 25, 2011
First of all.. Happy Birthday.. Since today is your special day there is no better day for me to say this to you than today..

You are simply an amazing person and you are what many of us look up to.. You are strong and independent and with everything that life threw on you, you still stood tall in the end and you stood proud..

Where ever you go, you never fail to leave a mark and draw a smile on people.. If people were more like you, the world would have been a better place..

On your day, I wish you a very happy birthday and all I say is may Allah grant you happiness, success and make all your dreams come true..

You are a gem in this world..

Happy Birthday Fini..

Its people like who takes Oman to a different level and make it even more.. Words fail to express how proud you’ve made us feel..

4 Voices:


Kel 3am w hiya b5eir, 3asa doom inshallah she accomplishes even more better.

Um Aryaam

Amazing words for an amazing person. She's such an insperation. Naaifeen you are one of those people when we talk about we have to say Mashallah after every sentence :). Allah y7fadheek ya rab. Happy birthday mwaaal


THANK U SOO MUCH 7ALOOMIIII..u really put a smile on my face :)..n i really meant it when i said ill print it n frame it :)..this is truly a wonderful birthday gift :).. love u loadz n wishing u the very best of life because ur beautiful inside n outside..mwwaaahhh

Thank u ladies :)

Bint ilKuwait

Ya7laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaailhaaaaaaaa!!!!! Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaay!! o allah ewafgich sweetie!;**

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