Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Morning News..

Sunday, April 10, 2011
Today as I was driving to work I decided to listen o the morning news and I wish if I didn’t.. I’ve never heard more depressing news EVER in my life.. Each and every piece of information given was about death and killing.. Here is what I heard in conclusion and not very specific bas bil ma3na!

1. Israel bomb a school bus or a bus in an are and they didn’t know that children were on it and they did that to teach Hamas a lesson!!! (I think the lesson is learned)

2. Abusiness man was captured by I donno who and when they knew that they were surrounded by the police they killed him!!! (why?? I donno)

3. Someone went and bombed himself and exploded I donno where and he killed I donno how many and injured many..

4. Afghan police or I donno what and a civilian and an officer and 3 injured..

5. Something something about shooting each other and something and all 5 are dead..

6. Japan refused to talk food from Indonesia coz it might be radiated (this was the only piece of new that no one died in)

I miss the days when you used to hear about the leaders and people and changes and good things that were happening in the world..

Have a KILLER morning.. and I do mean that in a nice way =D

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And this is why I try to avid listening and watching the news as much as possible. I just can't handle more grief to be honest..!!


LOOOL!! The news the next day was better..

I stopped hearing the news and i feel lost sometimes...

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