Monday, August 2, 2010

This is it!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010
When I first got introduced to you I was so happy… Actually beyond happy…I remember when people were telling me about you.. I was hesitant on the idea of you.. The way that you are, the things that you can do.. It was all too good to be true.. Little did I know that my life with you would be happiness and torture in the end..

The first few days I was the happiest person on earth.. You were glued to me 24/7 and I LOVED IT!! Would tell anyone and everyone about you.. The most important thing is that I felt so pretty and easy when you were with me..

The only time we’d be apart is when I go to bed..

Now, I really cant wait to get rid of you.. Nowadays you are requiring too much attention.. You are not as good as you were.. I have to keep you up to date or I suffer by a headache or I cant work.. Its just not easy.. I’ve complained A LOT about you, and everyone knows your story… I think its time.. 10 years is a life time. This relationship between me and you must end..

There is a way to get rid of you once and for all.. Not sure when I will be able to do it but I have to.. I’ve reached a point where I NEED YOU OUT OF MY LIFE..

Now it all comes to the 1000 Rials..

Once I get the 1000 Rials it’s gonna be the time I kill you..
And that day will go into history as
“The Day That Standy Got Rid of Her Lenses”

12 Voices:

Your voice of wisdom

LOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZ..That was a good one!!The suspense almost killed me:)

Greek God of Footrests

I din't see that coming...bravo the underlying meaning is enjoyed by the female species :D


ok freaked me out at first ;/ I hate that LoL Anyways nice try :Pp

Journal Entries

i'm looking forward for that day myself!
bs i'm too afraid to do lasic ;p

No identity..

LoooooL ... I walla miss you girl ;)


LOOOL.. nice one :p

Miss Dreamer

That was really something Standy!I was wondering all the way till the end! And it turned out you were talking about your lenses!! LOOOOl!!

I wanna get rid of them too;))



i dont wear lenses

my good ol glasses

my eyes are too damn dry !



best decision i ever made in my life!!


My voice of wisdom: hehehe... i know =D

Greek God of Footrests: LOOOL!! i like the way you think =)

Another-Penelope: heheh.. sorry =p

Journal Entries: Same here.. But we need to encourage each other =) We need to get rid of the lense!!

No identity: HEY! WELCOME BACK =D
wallah imissed you too!!
i'm really happy to see you here =)

Aurous: =D thank you =)adn welcome back.. nice to see you again =)

Miss Dreamer: LOOOOOOL!! i had to make you guys understand the depth of the thing that i am talking about loool =p
and thank you =)

we should totally form a club!!

eshda3wa: You are blessed for not having this evil touch your eyes,, stick to the glasses or get rid of them but do not replace or subtitue them with lenses!!

doona: hmm.. el 9oora el 7oola tells otherwise =p


hehehe loved the story and enshallah soon u will get rid of them :)


swera: AMEEEEEN =D

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