Monday, August 9, 2010

The Plan

Monday, August 9, 2010
The more I wash my clothes the more they shrink.. They are trying to play games on me and indicating and assuming that I am getting FAT, which is clearly NOT the case here, coz we all know that heat makes things shrink!!!

My Clothes HAS Shrunk, I am so sticking to my story!!

So here is the plan.. Oh no, my clothes aren’t gonna win.. They want to trick my but the joke is on them.. Oh Yeah.. I won’t replace them; i won’t give them the satisfaction of seeing new things in the closet!!

Back to the plan..
Since Ramadan is only few days away, it’s the perfect time to loose I mean to START.. Yes START having a healthier life style.. Less junk food and healthier home made food… Start engaging in any type of available sport.. Since football is over, i think I will join the basketball team if they will be having any activities, if not, I might gather the football girls and just do our own training or anything.. Or simply find a partner who will go jogging with me =)

The plan sounds simple and nice =D
Now executing it and implementing it is where I need a kick start!!

To all my clothes that have shrunk, I say BRING IT ON!!!

And soon, I will be telling you IN YOUR FACE!!!!

Ramadan Mubarak everyone,, yen3ad 3alekum bialf 9i7a o salama.. Taqabal Allah 9iyamakum..

9 Voices:

Mean B

3aad ma way to start a ramadan greating
just keep convinsing your self that the cloth are shrinking.

oh do you know that many people gain weight during ramadhan more then losing it??

M7md Ghazi

lool ,, love the post <3
my clothes has shrunk too :P
I'm gonna prepare a plan too .. soon :D keep it up and Ramadan Mobarak :)


everyones talking about weight here , weird,mbarek 3leech shahar :D


i want a jogging partner!! ta3aly oo we'll go jogging together!

Lost b2amreeka.

me toooooooooo abi a-jog!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mean B: LOL!! they are shrinking!! wait, are you working for them?????

That is a meth, no one gains weight in Ramadan =)

M7md Ghazi: LOOOL!! i think this is a world wide clothes conspiracy =p

Yeah, you do that, and write it, coz if you dont you will forget it!!

Ramadan Kreem =)

Another-Penelope: LOOOL!! well.. its a global issue =)
Ramadan Kreem =)

doona: I am on it =D
i am so there. bas get me a ticket =)

Lost b2amreeka: Hey, me you and doona can be partners, but since we are in different country, all we have to do it have an online jogging conference and jog in the same time lol

Your voice of wisdom

I support u in ur plan.. even if I cannot support myself to follow the same plan..I have u confused.. havent I..LOLLZZ

Journal Entries

mbarak 3alaich il shahaar!
i think that there is something wrong with the water.. my clothes have "shrunk" as well madry laish ;s


mbarak 3leech il shahar o kel 3am wnty b5aair o 9a7a o salama inshalla, great plan but I love when my clothes shrubk, they just make my body stand out lool j/k thanks for sharing :)

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