Monday, August 16, 2010

He Looks Like My Boss!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010
Sitting in a meeting today bored and feeling sleepy, my boss was sitting next to me and when he talks i cant help but look at him and pretend that i am interested in what is going on with the work that we need to do lool.. While looking at him, i was saying to myself that he looks very familiar then it hit me!! MY BOSS LOOKS LIKE THIS GUY!!

For those who don’t know him.. His name is Michael Emerson and he plays a character called "Ben Linus" in the series "Lost"..

I would have uploaded the picture of my boss but that wouldn’t be ethical now would it ;)

17 Voices:

The Sister!

I just saw your boss picture and OMG i think people can mistake him for his brother , hehe :D


does he have the eyes?

the blue blue blue eyes?


hahahahaa luckyyyy uuuu lol :P

i'd love to hv Sawyer as my boss (allahoma enni 9a2ema)


The Sister!: See i told you,, 5asara james bond left, i would have shown you his pic!

doona: LOOL!! no.. he has hmm, brown-green something eyes, not striking! but he can qulifay to be evil, does that cound?

swera: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! why lukcy? LOOL.. if sawyer was my boss, kunt ramathan kamil i would have taken off =p (areed thawaaab) looooool

Your voice of wisdom

LOOLL, Standy...I might have to watch 'Lost" now to see if the evilness match tooo...

Mean B

OMG! guess what i will do the first day i come back to the office?

aha come to your office and see your boss. ohh yeh i wouldnt mind if sawyer was ur boss i will ask him to take off his shirt for me.

i hate this Froging google account


lool walla lo modeeri chethi shakla chan madawem wla his personality eb lost YEEEEEW ;p

Smart CoOKie



laa bas khalas hawant ;p

i wouldve asked you to hook us up, bas khalas maby ;p

ben's eyes killlll meeeeeeee :D

Greek god of the footrests

LoL yea now whn i am looking at " ur boss" frm across my table and lauffin meh head off he does look like Michael Emerson..... :D:D:D
u r too good.. i bow to ur wisdom and wittiness :P


My voice of wisdom|: I will so give you the series for you to watch it,, hehe, i bet you will find the evil very amussing =p

Mean B: LOOOOL!! if you do, please dont laugh at his face or look at him shocked and scream "LA WALLAH, HE DOSE LOOK LIKE HIM" lool =p

LOOL!! a5 bas 3ala sawyer!!

Shall i message you again regarding the google account?

Lizzi: LOOL!! he has some evil in him but you can tolorate it =p

welcome to my blog =)

Smart CoOKie: hehe =p

doona: bas 3ashan el 3yooon.. i heard he has a GREAT body, can that count??

Greek god of the footrests: LOOOOOOOOOOL!! thank you *bows*

Now imagine me who sits right infront of him loool

Mean B

i think i will do somthing infront of him just to let him know.

i think something wrong with my memory section of my brain it doesnt work well these days



not really no ;p the eyes are irreplaceable!

Miss Dreamer


The first time I came across this actor was while watching lost. I liked his acting, even though I hated him!! Looool


LooL Familiar b3ad ;p


God I hate that guy =/


doona: hehe.. he can use contact lense for you ;)

Miss Dreamer: Same here and i still hate him!!

Another-Penelope: lool

Rubyeez: Join my club =/

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