Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Plan: Executed

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I will start by saying I am proud of myself for executing my plan which was to exercise in Ramadan and eat healthy and all that..

18 days into Ramadan and I finally did it =D
I exercised =D

But 3ad when I came back home I was broken, tired and exhausted but my sweet sweet adorable amazing lovely husband gave me a surprise massage =D

I walked into the room and he had candles lit beside my bed and he was like “this way please” lool.. Isn’t my 7amani CCCUUUUTEEEE.. Me love him :*

It was something like this =D

So I got the best massage EVER!!

The next day Ramadan 19, I went again.. This time it wasn’t pretty at all!! And after that I retired and I exterminated my plan coz there is no point.. Plus I discovered its not healthy to workout..

Let me tell you WHY its not healthy to workout!! Your back, leg, hands and hair hurts and you get muscle pain for days and you also start craving for sweets and chocolate!! Before I started working out, I didn’t want to eat anything!!

On the plus side, I somehow managed to loose weight, not sure how that happened but I am happy =D

How is your workout plan working out for you???

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what a husband mashallah! allah y5alleeeh lech nshallah :)

I started working out last Wednesday and im still working out! it was awful the first few day, pain took over my whole body! and when i started to get used to it and the pain became less! I started my 1st Pilates class and it was HORRIBLE! i didnt sweat but the pain was intolerable! i just couldnt move literary! that was yesterday!

today im taking it off to rest my body a bit and tomorrow i shall continue :)


aham shay ena working out is not healthy! lol! bada3ty ;p

its painful the first few days...upto a week or so cz ur lazy muscles arent used to moving...but once those are over and done with, it feels so much easier and smoother! you sghould know that, mrs. football coach ;p


Happy for you actually but try to not to workout more and more! try yoga too , it's relaxing and wont pain you alot except to let you stay flexible.

Actually my workout is fine my weight was 49 now 42 :) but I do eat alot but I exercise then and yoga.

M7md Ghazi

I'm doing a great job exercising in Ramadan too .. but I started from day 10 :D


im soooo happy for you dear,
i stopped working out since i left for vacation, but i guess as soon ramadhan is done i will be back to my routine, 1 hour after work for i guess 4 days straight, per week

Smart CoOKie

LOL interesting revelation. Glad you lost weight. Keep doing whatever is you are doing. :)

Mean B

first masules must hurt when you do exersice the first days DUHH!! after that it dont hurt any more. you should know that or you just became lazy these days and looking for an exuse to not do any workout.

i went once for exircise and wasnt feeling well the next day. since i didnt drink enough water the day before plus i am breast feeding 3aad ma jafaf and wanted to fent.
inshalah after ramadan will start.

B. Nightingale

I honestly stopped exercising for a while now, and I know when I get back to it I will suffer for the first few days.

You have such a colorful blog :) Love the whole different color font thing.

I have nothing against you liking Edward btw :P Thanks for commenting.


awwww thats so cuuute :D alah ykhalekom 7ag ba3ath ! and mabrook keep it up ! :D

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