Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Note From Mc Evil

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
This is a note that was sent to me by my dear friend Mc Evil and i would like to share it with you guys..

Confessions of an overweight girl!
My beloved sisters!
I thought I should share!

We all have struggles with weight and once you lose it is hard to keep it off I don't know why!!!!! But I found out its all related to stress! If you are stressed out or uncomfortable (mostly with work) you need to start having ways to relax yourself and step away from the everyday stress ...... This sounds like a book right!! looool..... But trust me it is working for me and InshAllah it will work for you!

Don't stop eating!!!! our bodies are like machines we need fuel......... (just not chocolate lol) don't' miss meals, have whatever you want but don't miss a meal and have a snack between meals to (lessen cravings) preferable fruits or nuts whatever u like (not chocolate n fired foods) forget them its poisons!

Okay basically this isn't for everyone, but do 4 days a week just body bump and afterwards 20mins on the cross trainer or treadmill ( your metabolism will kick start and burn fat 24hrs). The rest of the days only do yoga or Pilates or anything to do with stretching and relaxing or even a brisk walk. I promise you will see your body transforming into a sexy kitten. Start with the light weights and work your way up!!! Your body will hurt for a week or more its fine it just means your body is actually using its muscles.

Okay what is the benefit, while I am sure you all know if you work with weights your metabolism starts working faster and burns fat for 24hrs.

I am sure you are all in my stage sick of feeling sorry for yourself because of weight! Well its time we start and start together!!!

One more tip DO NOT I repeat DO NOT WEIGHT yourself anymore!!!! As you might gain muscle and lose fat!! And Muscle weights more just keep checking your outfits, and warning don't eat sweets unless you know you will go burn it off!!!!!!!

Its time to take action and care for our bodies!

In the end I say:
If Stress Burned Calories, I'd Be a Super Model By Now..

Have a nice weekend ya’ll =)

6 Voices:


Nice one, and that's how thin people are doing ^_^

M7md Ghazi

nice :D great post walla <3
bs I think it works only for gurl .. I donnu we have different issues I think :p

Smart CoOKie

You go girl. :)


Another-Penelope: LOOL!! she is in the proccess of being thin =p

m7md Ghazi: LOL!! it works for both ;)

Smart CoOKie: WE RULE =p

Lost b2amreeka.

omg.... ur last line!

9ij wallah if stress burned calories chan im anorexic!

bs tra 7addy im at tht place right now karha 3omry i hate any pix of myself i feel UGLY. w i know im not ugly it's jst WE3 u knw i feel icky like im obese. n im not fat. im chubby, y3ny 3ala goolat'hom "matroosa" and ppl keep calling me crazy for hating the way i look bas im uncomfortable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nobody gets it.

im rambling. sry. lol :P


Lost b2amreeka: LOOOL!! ee wallah anorexic and more ba3ad!!

I feel the same way, these days i wake up karha nafsi and i hate wearing clothes and i realy dont feel pretty at all!!!!! and omg i do feel OVER MATROOOSA!!

I get it dont worry ;)
i believe we share the same feeling =)

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