Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me Yesterday =p

Sunday, July 18, 2010
Yesterday was my birthday and I am blessed by friends and family that I never thought were this many.. Al7amduliah..

My hubby 7amani surprised me with a “Birthday Trip To Dubai” and I had a blast =D
I will write about the trip later =)

7amnai I love you =*

So in my birthday, I got:
49 Facebook greetings
8 calls
29 sms
5 bloggers advance wishes

Thank you all for your wishes and birthday greetings, I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday =)

P.s fajorie, do you really want to know where to send the card to?

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Miss Dreamer

Happy birthday Standy!
El3omor killah ya rab OX


Happy Belated Birthday :*
Inshallah tkoon senat khair o sa3ada 3alaich..


Awww glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday. Waiting for your dubai post! :D

Smart CoOKie

Aww nice surprise. Happy birthday xoxo.


Happy birthdaaay :D have a nice day ;)


Happy birthday Honey :* o my birthday sister :D

may all ur days be lovely and wonderful o Allah yekhaleelich 7mani insha2 Allah ameen :*


habby standing birthday standy!


Happy birthday :)


It's the first time for me in your blog...
I really like it..
Keep going :)


Miss Dreamer: Thank you =D
o welcome back, missed you =)

FourMe: BIIIGG HHUUUGG 7aqich,, thank you so much =*

Faith: Inshallah =D
thank you =)

Smart CoOKie: It was a great suprise =)

thank you =D

Another-Penelope: thankx sweety =)

Danderma: LOOL i like that.. the july twin and birhtday sister lool.. And happy birthday to you too =D


K.D: LOOOOOOL.. that is the most creative thing anyone has ever said to me.. You totally made my day lool.. Thank you so much K.D =)

Strawberry: Thank you =)
I am glad you liked my blog and hope you'll be stoping by alot ;)

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belated happy birthdaaaaaay! =D

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