Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Dubai Trip

Sunday, July 25, 2010
7amani calls me on Monday and asks me to take off from Wednesday till Saturday from work.. I was surprised, I asked why and he refused to tell me why..

On Tuesday after work, he says to me “yala pack, tomorrow we are going to Dubai.. Its your birthday gift from me =) I am taking you on a break =D

Its that SWEEET =D

Wednesday morning, I packed anything and everything lol.. Got ready and by 10:30 am we were off on the road..

I cant remember much of the road coz I was sleeping most of the time.. Cars, plains or anything that moves for a long time make me sleepy =p

So we finally reach to the hotel.. We stayed in Movenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach and it was GORGEOUS..

Here some picks of the room

We didn’t do much on this trip.. of course we got lost A LOT on the road and somehow we kept passing the same buildings over and over again no matter what turn we take.. Dubai roads and signs SUCKS! Driving there felt something like this..

The funny/weird things that I encountered in this trip are:
A Kuwait Street Sign

A Transport Company

A Funky Style Building

Friday at midnight, 7amani surprised me with a cake and a gift =D

He got me an anklet =D

3alay bil 3afiya =p

And that was the perfect ending to an AMAZING trip!

12 Voices:

Smart CoOKie

Aww mashallah how lovely. Glad you had fun xo.

M7md Ghazi

:D I had fun reading the post
great trip ..
keep it up :)


that is just soo adorable of him :D I'm happy that u really had fun :)


Smart CoOKie: hehe.. thank you =D

M7md Ghazi: LOOL!! great.. you keep reading and i will keep having fun ;)

Another-Penelope: =D thank you


awwwwwwwww... no he didnt! :p

what a sweet sweet surprise?!.. *sigh* why wont any one do that for me in my birthday :(

loool seriously.. im glad you had fun!


awww that's so cute
3laiCh bel.3afyah o Allah y5aleekom l.ba3a'9 =]



Masha'Allah <3 Especially that cake haha ;)


sooo sweeeeeeeeeeet :*


K.D: LOOL!! one day ya K.D, one day ;)

Hope: Ameen inshallah =D
thankx =)

Faith: that was from the hotel =p

hehe,, yeah =D so sweet =D

Faith: I MISS YOU :'(
yeah so sweet =)

Mean B

awww how romantic :) it reminds me of my first year of marriege I MISS THOSE DAYSSS

its good you enjoyed. and daah about dubai you want to tell me this is the first time you noticed all those things? thats why i love dubai

so did you guys use the bath tub:P


Mean B: loool.. last time you had a dubai trip you got pregnant =p

LOOOL!! no i didnt do the bathtub thing!! god woman!!

i always knew dubai like that which is why i hate it!


Awwww how incredibly sweet of him. <3

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