Tuesday, July 6, 2010

20,000 Dollars!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Imagine.. My company paid 20,000 Dollars to another company just for them to create an excel sheet that will convert a word documents that contain data into tables!!!

Do you get how absurd that is??

I mean seriously, TWENTY BLOODY THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A LOUSY EXCEL SHEET.. (Yes it’s a complicated excel sheet but believe me its not worth 20,000 dollars) any may I add that the excel sheet is not even working probably and its full of bugs and it doesn’t support the measurement format that we use and now they are supposingly fixing it but they are taking like forever to do that, well I guess coz they have already been paid the money oh oh and now they say its coz our computers are not supporting some MS components and we need to upgrade it!!

Sometimes I am beyond shocked on how this company operates..

I forgot to reply “Eshda3wa” on a question that she asked me.. Who works is a port-cabin.. ME.. My office is in a port-cabin.. I mean a multibillion company and all they can afford to give us is a bloody cabin!! Its been 4 years and they say soon we will move lool.. I give it another 2 years but I am not really keen on moving to an open office.. It sucks.. its nice to be alone here.. A department that is so far away from the other departments.. if someone has a complain, they will think twice before coming to us lool..

Oh and the same or another company (not sure) want 110,000 Dollars so they can add “a code” in a software so it can match our requirements and do what we want..

20,000 equals to:
7692 Omani Rial
7532 Bahraini Dinar
5810 Kuwaiti Dinar
72820 Qatari Rial
74994 Saudi Rial
73460 Emarati Dirham
15936 Euro
13202 British Pound
936100 Indian Rupee

and all i wanted was 1000 Omani Rials!!!

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You’re one convertor machine

It is stupid how some companies work. But maybe there is some one involved from your company in this deal? Just saying ;D

And please with that amount of money you can probably upgrade your entire department with new computers rather than a stupid code! OMG now I’m mad!

Sami Saayer

can i be a vendor to your company?

C Me

This happens everywhere......Life is mean...Very mean ..


wow thats too much

Journal Entries

i bet u could have done that!




Faith: lool.. i had to prove a point =p

LOOL!! i doubt that there is someone envolved, but as my friend said, sometime you buy the company name more than buying the product itself!!!

LOOOOOL!! i will take that suggestion up with them =p

Sami Saayer: lool.. sure =) send me what can you provide and i shall get my cut from there!

C Me: Yupe.. what to do =)

Another-Penelope: tell me about it!!!!!

Journal Entries: lool. nope.. i am a bad programmer and i suck with numbers..but if they paid me a thousand i might have tried =p

DanDan LOOOL!! a5af bas i find medical terms with the work =p

bas sure, i will outsource you to them =D


lool u still didn't get your 1,000 rials? what happened to the mahar?

your doctor

loomie, baby bsich 6aaaar .. fashltini !!! wallah el3athim i'll give 1,000 ryal just stop 6er-ing :P 5ala9 i'll start saving .. lazem cash? cant i save it then a3zmich 3ala india bel money ? :P


Nusy: The only thing i did with the mahar is count it, after that i didnt see it again loool..

your doctor: LOOOL!! but but but but =(

wait,, you wanna invite me with a 1000 rials?? i like that idea.. ok 5ala9, ma ra7 ajeeb 6ari el one thousand anymore!!!


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