Wednesday, October 7, 2009

O.0 Tabasco!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Yeah, I mean actually drinking Tabasco!!!

Aweeeen, her explanation is “I have flu and I can’t breathe and I am sick of being sick, so I needed something to kill the bacteria and virus inside me”

So I asked her, are you cured already? She said, yes… I think they exploded and died inside.. then she tells me, imagine if I drink Coca-Cola now!! LOL.. Yes while her whole inside is burning!!!

She actually drank around 130ml of Tabasco!!!

After an hour she is like,, yes now I can breath… and she says to me “tell your doctor there is a new cure for flu, just make them drink Tabasco” La wallah!!!!

Yeah I have crazy friends!!!

On another not, yesterday I went for a massage and I felt molested 0.O'
LOOL!! I swear, I wasn’t comfortable.. but after it was over i felt light and free and happy and i slept really well!! hmm.. worth the molestation??!!! lol.. maybe =p

My Doctor and I started dieting AGAIN, do you think this time we will manage to loose? Tara ana ta3bt!! All I want is bloody 5kgs off, wallah I am not being greedy, I didn’t even say 10kg (which I REALLY want) bas I want 5.. So my target is 3 kgs off in 2 weeks.. Wish me luck =)

I'm thinking of trying the tabaso thing,,, what do you guys say?

p.s Dandoon, the check that you gave me for 1000 was rejected!! i'm still waiting for my 1000!!

16 Voices:

No identity..

Firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrst one @@

No identity..

LoooooooooooooooooooooooL ... I cant try that cure... walla 7ala, ur friend TeHabel...

Mean B

so who is this crazy friend of yours. i bet it was blue.

so still waiting for your 1000 huh.


No identity: LOOOL!! yes you are first.. wallah you tempt me to make a "be the first 10 times in a raw and win somehting fancy" LOOL

My frined tu7faa!!
who in thier right mind drinks tabasoo???

Mean B: LOOL!! this crazy friend of mine is "My Tomatoe" wallah she is crazy!

YES, i am still waiting!


looool... I think I actually prefer having a stuffed nose ;p


hahaha first time i went for a mssage i was soo tense my bk hurt more after the massage :p LOOOL

but then i got used to it.. like its ok for some1 to touch my body massage me

anyo.. for flues i eat ice cream n anything that they tell me will make it worst.. but thats only when i get fed up.. its coz (negetive)+(negetive)=positive :D

so vwala :D u enjoy ur ice cream n ur flue is gone :D

but tobasco is scary ! hehehehey


LOOOOOOOOL, this is so hilarious giirl, ur friends to7aaaaf, ewansoon =DDD

Your Doctor

TABASCO 3AD !!! walla if it works, it could be an alternative to swine flu vaccine which has lots of side effects !!
dude, next time, eat some onion .. try it! ot works walla .. ONION SANDWICH !!

Her Tomatoe ^_^

and now etu7fa introduces her self, it was i "HER TOMATOE" who invented the cure to flu, its fast affective and good enough to cook your insides, yes you heard me the cure cooks your insides..

al7madellah i got rid of those pesky viruses that were "killing me softly" goshhhhh i would rather drawn then live for several weeks suffocating due to mucus that's stuck eb 7alji w my nose, im sure every one knows wut im talking about .. t6mnoo im free of flu and im alright , its jus that I might be suffering from internal burns .. im thinking more like cooked organs .. ehehe :P

can you guess how will I cure my self this time, since my insides are cooked :P


@@ when did u get the check !! why i dont know about any checks!!

where is my rejected half :@

Smart CoOKie

My friend the medical student, the sister of doctors drank Tabasco once to treat her flu. But it didn't work. :/

A Journal Entry

a7is eyeeeb il 7aarij!


whaaaat !:/ Tobasco ! brjaa3:(

Butterfly Chick

Emmmmm ..

lol this is wrong as u see o e7temal ena ehya emwahma roo7ha ena hal shay bas beshafeeha [[ which is not true for sure ]]

o 3an el massage, I guess wayed nas chee e9eedhum.. I heard some cases :P..

finally abt el rejeem.. ana ba3ad abee ath3aaaf :( bas two or 3 kgs :( i dunno wat to do.. I cant stop eating !! looool.. I really cant! so 9ar li cham yoom now i am walking :P .. inshalla ath3af :( lol


"I think they exploded and died inside" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL that cracked me up for real


Aurous: LOOOL.. why on earth would you prefer stuffed nose?!

nosa: LOOOOOOOL!! i donno if i can get used to it, but the feeling afterwards is amazing!

I cant eat icecream when i have flu, a7is ezeeeed!!
but i like your eqation, hmm i will keep that in mind...

Candy: LOL!! yeah my friends are one of a kind!! ba3ad some of them i cant write in here..

My Doctor: ewo onion 7af? just like that with bread!!!! hmmm.... something to think about..
and yeah how about you talk to the hosipitals and pitch this idea and gives us credits for it =D

My Tomatoe: LOOOL!! wallah inish something 9ara7a!!

Now all you need to do is get like 10 volonteers and try this on them, if it works, me and my doctor will work on advertising it and demanding some of the tabasco revenue as we discovered that is can heal flu =D

To cure your insides, here comes cocacola =p LOOL

Anony: you want the rejected half? i didnt give it to you 3ashan the balance will still be zero, and we want 1000 so no point!!!

Smart CoOKie: hmm,, i gues it depends from body to body or how hard do you believe in it =D

A Journal Entry: tell me about it.. just listing to hear i felt my inside burining!!

Another-Penelope: LOOOOOOOL.. salamaat!! =p

Butterfly Chick: LOOL!! but is worked!!!!

LOL! al7amdullah no cases with me,, its just it was weeired!!

sikti 3an el rejeeem, i cant seem to focus on my food or what to eat or do!!!!
Yala ishallah we loose wieght =D

Faith: Inshallah doom el tha7ka =D

LOOL!! wallah i bet they did!!

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