Thursday, October 22, 2009

Be careful of what you wish for..

Thursday, October 22, 2009
They say be careful of what you wish for, coz you might just get it all.. What if everything you wish for suddenly is coming your way and your life is about to change and things will be different.. Should you accept it or doubt it?

Nothing comes for free right? Am I just that good of a person that deserves the goodness in people or it is part of a huge EVIL plan so that I can get sucked into something HUGE that I cant deal with??

What if you got everything or most of the things that you wished for.. will you embrace it?

P.s Alf rial please!

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This post's title reminded me of Chris Daughtry song-Home! Its part of the lyric!

I believe fate has its way, maybe everything that come to you has the reason. I guess I will choose to embrace the good thing rather than worry about the bad thing. I live only once, I don't have time to worry about the rest.


i will question everything.
it is better or easier when u gain what u wish for after a long time o suffering, that's my way, it just makes me feel that i really do deserve it and even proud of myself.


I say enjoy it but also stay alert.. ya I got that conspiracy hunch at times too lol it’s not like you don’t deserve it.. you’re just afraid that it’s too much for one person to get everything.. and it really isn’t. allah kareem and grants it all when he wants to. So why not!! Embrace them girl :D


i'll immidiately think that i deserve it even if it was all my wishes come true faja!!

lool,it happened to me once,all the things that i want happened,i freaked out thinkin why did i get all wut i want,..LOL

allah il katbelna eyeah bayestwee :D


I keep on wishing on simple things but I stop thinking of hoping cause if i did , it wont work out at all! that's my experience.. what's up with alf rial?


Opps I just realized the small lil red characters down there, still praying for the 1000 rials?! Hehe wish you get it soon hunny, you've been waiting for it for so long!

Mean B

HELL YEH I WILL EMBRACE IT specialy if they are good stuff.

khalas ya 7oram basech with the alf rail . we know you want 1000RAIl. atheteena

No identity..

Hell accept and never doubt it.. ;-)

Sexy LipS

:) i loved what you wrote in here :) but you know what ....
i also kinda got what's behind it too ;)

Wish you all the best... and believe me you deserve kul shey 7looo 7beebty....

Am HAPPY so Happy
actually cant express my feelings if there is other way of reflecting the happiness inside me i would have done it ....

LOVE You Spongy...

opps am i still allowed to say it wala :S


Shqesat el alf ryal :P?


Another-Penelope and [MaDry-Shakw~ lool.. its my long lost dream =p

madri, its been 2 months now and i am craving for alf riyal lool..


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