Thursday, October 1, 2009

I want 1000!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Areeeed alf Riaaaal Omani

I want 1000 Omani Rial

Abiii aalllfffff

Meee wantt one thousand!!

One Thousand Omani Rials Equals To:
1767.3332 Euro (EUR)
2596.7281 United States dollar (USD)
1627.6292 British Pound (GBP)
2838.4835 Canadian dollar (CAD)
977.9278 Bahraini Dinar (BHD)
744.482 Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)
9738.5105 Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR)
9537.7824 UAE Dirham (AED)
9453.9081 Qatar Rial (QAR)
125006.4918 Indian rupee (INR)

Ya jamaa3aaa ya naaaasss ya people.. All i want is 1000.. Is that too much to ask?? BAS AREEED ALLLFFFFF!!!

Ba'3ya Alf!
Abi Alf!
I want Alf!
Aba Alf!
Areed Alf!
Ab’3a Alf!
3awza Alf!

Bidiii Alf!

Oh akeed now you are asking why, I donno why bas I want alf.. 5a6ri fi alf rial.. I want to see in my account that I have a thousand! ONE THOUSAND RIALS OMANI .. ME WANT 1000 !!!

Anyone wants to give me 1000???

16 Voices:


make that ur savings target - save some money every month in a seperate account and do NOT use any of it.

one day u will see ALF inshallah


save up u can do it :D

bs an alf saved is not as easy to spend in 1 day as an alf given chetheh as a gift:p

okay ABI ALF TOO! n alf for u :p


save 60% of this months salary and youll have 1000 omani riyals ;)


if you get it can you give me half?



I like how you made a great effort of currency conversion just to stress it out LOL
Would that make you happy? really? Cuz I’ve dreamt of so many numbers in my account and when I finally got them they did absolutely nothing for me.

Butterfly Chick


did u feel better after letting this go out of your chest?

I know sometimes writing would make you feel better!

lol.. try to save though I know it is so so hard!

good luck with this :p


not me;p
make that number your target and you will reach it!


LOOOOL babe! Why suddenly you want 1000?!

Just try to save up! Me and saving uh uh! Good luck though!

Mean B

you want 1,000 rails

i want 100,000 rails. then all my life targits will be dont then i can retire from work.

any way you can get more then alf when you get married (mahar) so get yoru self a man quick to give you the ALF.


3anooda: I do save and i do have a seperate account but somehow the money manages to leave the account=p

i try not to use but el '9orroooff!!

nosa: LOOL!! bas i dont want to save for it.. i want it to be given to me =D

and now they are 2 =D

Maitha*: LOOL!! easier said then done! plus even if i save 60% it will take me million sana to save up for the alf!!!

Anony: Sure, i can give you half. Bas awal shay 5ali someone eybara3 and gives me ALF!

Faith: LOOOL!! Lazim to stress it out, 3ashan ma areed excuses of "how much is that in madri what currency!" lool =p

Its not about being happy.. its about madri.. all i know is i just want a thousand!

Bas if someone gave me alf now, yes, it will make me happy =D (i think)!!

Butterfly Chick: LOOL!! i feel better, but i will feel greater if someone gave me the thousand that i want =p

MABI SAVING!! i want to be someones cherity work lool..

Summer & C: weeee you guys.. I dont want to save for it, i want it to be given to me!!!!


Mean B: looool... at least ana qanooo3a,, i only want ALF.. my god you want 100,000!!!

Yeah right get paid the mahar and get more than alf true but then be a slave to the man and use that money to do my wedding with!! what is the point!! i didnt enjoy my alf!!


LOL that's a funny post. You really need a dose of caffiene!!

Seeing 1000 in your bank account doesn't really do anything for you. Money is nothing.


Nadia: lool.. i think i do!!!

I agree money is nothing =)
bas areed 1000 lool...

la i think 1000 will do wonders.. i will waza3 them =D and i will feel happy about it =D

No identity..

LooooL ... ma 6alabti shay... I will bring you the loan form from you bank...


tis been goin on for a long time :)


No identity: LOOL!! if i wanted a LOAN i would have gotten one.. i want a FREE thing =p

Just: you are telling me *rolling my eyes*

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