Saturday, October 3, 2009

Me, My Eyes and My Contact Lens..

Saturday, October 3, 2009
-Today while driving my contact lens decided to jump out of my eyes causing me a minor case of partial blindness which I managed al7amdulliah to drive with till I reached my working destination which was 10 min after the incident took place.

- Getting the lens back to place was a challenge as it was already dried up and I didn’t have a solution to moist but I managed.

- After getting the stupid lens back to my eye socket I started tearing as I remember that my hands had perfume on.

- A good wash for the left eye as it teared for like 2 minutes. Of course the right eye joined as well, as it couldn’t let lefty tear solo.

- Whoever saw me from out side would think i was crying coz i didnt want to work.. ya3ni how pathetic can i get.. seriously!!

-You would think that here we are coming to the end of the adventure of my lens and eyes BUT NOOO… after 20 min or so, suddenly it started burning and 3eeenadan I decided to do nothing.. ya ana ya this eye!!

-I think after 2 min of burning it got the point and it stopped torturing me and now we are in good terms.

-A little twitch every now and then but mostly its behaving.

-30min to end my day, my eyes decided they were sleepy and the failed to stay awake!! I almost fell asleep on my desk. So I decided to go and have a 15 min eye shut which resulted in a stupid headache.

The time now is after 4pm and I shall be driving back home..
To less eye adventures!!!
Wish me luck..
Over and out…

P.s i still want 1000!!!!

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mara o ana bel bank faj'a 3adasate 6araw @@

i searched search for them mako !!

6ab3an shakli ghabee wana shof eedi .. at7asas wayhee.. my clothes !!

where the hell did it go !!

i didnt find it :(

ashwa ena kanat 3een wa7da eli 6arat :P

ba3deeen kil shway a7ek 3yooni el yesar 3ashan asakerha o i only see in my right eye ..

it felt stupid .. i know ppl cant see but i felt stupid seeing in 1 eye :P

ashwa ena el bank gereeb men beetna :P

wan aasoog emghamtha 3een o fat7a 3een :P

lenses are mean !!

ps: i still want half of the 1000 (A)


That used to be my daily hassle for years, until I had a lazec surgery.. life changing for real. ever thought of it?

Butterfly Chick

lol @ u still want 1000!

u shudnt wear it back cz akeed tewa9e5at n this is bad for ur eyes..

anyway salamt ur eyes.. take care n drive safe o awal matoo9leen wash ur eyes again


my friend once slept with her lense and it sticked in her eyes, ya3nee il 3adasat et7arrakat mn mekanha o 6el3at foog il a5er il
3ain,then her sis woke her up screaming coz she wasn't able to see!! untill her sis sticked her hand inside her eyes to pull il lense, that freaked me out,i once slep with it like 15 min and when i woke up i freaked out remembering wut happen 2 her..

ya3ne don't sleep with lense in ur desk!!

Mean B

there is an invintion called GLASSES


Anony: LOOOL!!! at least i found mine loool.. i can totally imagine how you were like lool..

but i just dont get it.. how can el 3adasa just like that jump out of your eyes!!!

9a7, moral of the story is :lenses are mean !!

p.s you will still get half of the 1000!!

Faith: i did.. i just didt get the right time of chance to do it.. when i get my 1000 i will do it!! see how the 1000 comes in handy =D

Butterfly Chick: lool.. me and my 1000, they say you have to believe in it and you will get it.. so believe ino someone will give me 1000!! =p

i was already at work and mafi majal to go back home and i dont take my glasses with me or extra contacts which i should!

Thank you =D

Candy: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! OMG this story is horribly funny looooooooooooooooool...
i once slept with my contacts on when i woke up for actually 5 mintues i believed that i had a mirical and i can see!!! loool..

Mean B: ma a3tirif feeeh!! i dont like glasses!!


awww 7aram...
why dont wear glasses then?
i couldnt stay for loooong periods of time with my lenses on and now im even better without them...
how about lasik?


Karamilah: hehe what to do!! i cant wear glasses outside the house.. it annoys me!!!

i did think about it.. once i get my 1000 i will do it isnahllah =D

A Journal Entry

thats y u should always carry an extra pair in ur makeup bag for emergencies!


A Journal Entry: A make up what lool.. i am sorry i dont even have a purse to have a make up bag!! lool..i know, i am weird!!

bas i need to have some sort of bag or purse to be carried with me at all times =)

Sexy Lips


i liked the part that ur colleagues thought u r crying coz u dont want to work lol.... :P:P

wallah u r soo sooo soo funny Spongy i can imagine/ picture the way u were mashallah from the way u have written this post....

opps it seems am evil the way i laughed @ the begining of my comment
sorry didnt mean 2 :(

elmushkilaaa now i am afraid that the lences u r referring to in here is the same one we bought together!!

coz it will make me feel bad as i told u why dont u try these new ones :S :S

well bainy wbainek when i read ur post i was like ya allah meskeena but then told myself oh so its not only me who goes through such hassel when i wear lences :P:P:P apparently my close friend is in the same shoes :P

3aad allah y3een
things to learn from this

1- Dont ever listen to crazy friends like me :P
2- Dont u ever forget to get a small size of a solution that u can carry it in ur handbag with the lence container " that's what am doing nw :P "
3- aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa afaa i got a phone call that actually made me 4get what other lessons i should give u :P

but well at end 7mdullah 3laa salmtek and inshallah i hope it wont happen again... and ya hope u didn’t have any problem driving back home that day ;)

love u SPONGY xxoo

P.S I am still waiting for my hugs and kisses :P


ouch! poor standy! the entire episode sounds terribly painful...hope your eye's okay and the contact's behaving now! want me to come kiss it better? :)


i hate my contact lens

we never get along

ana oo my glasses

were best of friends


OMG what you did is dangerous! Babe I think your eyes are dry, always take a re-wetting drops with you or keep a spare glasses with you.Or maybe the diameter of the lenses is not suitable for your eyes or the content (water and oxygen) don't suit you. If you find a brand which suit you, don't change it. Btw after it fell out, don't put it in again, you will easily get infection, if you are that unlucky, your eyes will get swollen and ouch I know your pain! My eyes get pain when it get dry, I know how it feels more when i feel out, its really painful to wear again plus it hurts like hell when it comes to perfume!

Your Doctor

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL .. maaaaaan, that was hilarious ...
get a lasik done for ur eyes


Sexy Lips: LOOOL!!
since malakti and you are being crazy!!!

YES it was the stupid lens that i bought with you!!!
wallah mashakil.. the first 2 days was a disaster!!! bas now its ok =) and i forgive you =)

hehehe so i guess i my blog reflects me lool..

Yeah i need to have the small solution with me all the time..

lool.. you are the one who is hard to get, once you get time for me i will give you your hugs and kisses =)

Namrata: =( it was wifey! my eyes are ok, but how about that kiss to make them feeel better =D

eshda3wa: lool.. my glasses and I are bestfriends at home,, i cant drive with glasses and i cant go out with glasses, so evil contacts it is!

C Hmm.. i never thought of it that way.. yeah, my eyes might be dry!! thank you for the lecture, i promise to be better next time and be more careful =D

i only changed the brand coz my friend told me so, try something new.. but as soon as i am done with this, i will gladly buy my old contacts again =D

My Doctor: nawarti my blog ya doctora!!! LOOOL!! Since you are my doctor, how about you perform the surgery free for me? or better yet give me a 1000 and i will do it =p

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