Monday, October 19, 2009

Are you really that Dumb?

Monday, October 19, 2009
The First thing I’ve been told the moment I entered my work place with one of my co-workers “Do you do that to annoy me or are you really THAT dumb??!!!” lool.. All that 3ashan I greeted her by not saying her name and forgetting it then pretending to forget it lool.. Well I guess I am just that dumb =p

I cant believe I lost my wallet.. my cards, pictures, money, my i.d, a key and a rare note was in there =’( walah qalbi ye3awar… last I remember I was in carrefour paying and then BLANK so I guess it fell or I fotgot it there and since el amaana2 ma3dooma fil sharq el aw9at I am so sure I am not going to get it back.. *sigh* but I still have hope! That is a good thing right??

La ba3ad azeeedkum min el shi3r bait (no, there is no money in my cards so the “perosn” who has it can have fun with it by staring at it) ... its not enough I lost my wallet, la ba3ad my phone decides to go cucu on me!!! Like WTH.. I just fixed it last month and it cost a fortune!!

Happy thoughts people.. HAPPY THOUGHTS.. ohh on the note of a happy thought
I am addicted to facebook’s Farmville and café world loool.. I cant seem to get enough out of it.. And since facebook now is accessible from work I am starting to like it

P.s I want 1000 rials!!!!! (all my problems will be solved)

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LOL @ having fun string at it :P That is wicked! Hope someone find it and return it to you! Maybe its a sign for you to change a new phone?

I no likey FB, my FB very bored! No friends, no games and nothing :(


Girl you didn’t tell me about your wallet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That’s BAD!! Well at least you got a new addiction that should keep you a bit distracted for a while. Yalla get back to work and make money to make up for your loss.

And oh ya… Me dumb too ;D
it’s fun.

A Journal Entry

aaaaah losing ur wallet is the worst =(
i one lost my wallet oo it was neeeeew ma9arlaha a week! oo i had a reaaaally freat collection of pics in it =(

now i never keep pics in wallets


awwww poor u!!it sux soo much to lose a wallter or a phone !!

inshallah some1 decent finds it n reports it.. i think if u go n ask aboout it in lost n found carefour theres still hope..

Mean B

salamat girl any way regarding your phone i think it wants you to go back to that old one which wasnt colored no camera or nothing.


poor little thing,
im so sorry for ur loss,
allah y3aw'6ch hun

SeXy LiPs

looool " 7lwaaa" " are you really that Dumb? "
when i read the title bs a big smile was drwan into my face :P

actually i love it when you act that way ;)

i said it earlier that the best belssing is that u can act stupid/dumb with your friends...
3aad y3tmid that lady who u 4got her name was a frnd wala laa

regarding ur m7fatha :(
ma agool '3eer 7sby allah w n3ma elwakeel...
7mdullah the shar came on the m7fatha winshallah 5ath elshar w raa7 :(


U lost your wallet :/
this is a serious shit guurl ><
well, 6oz fel money,..aham shay il 9owar and they r gone too!
i've never put picz in my wallet but u gave me an idea abt how would i feel if i lost my wallet >_<


C: i am still having hope that soemone would!!!

i love my phone so much that i don wanna change it...

FB is FUN!! you should try the games in them =D

Faith: LOOOOOL!! inti, i will deal with you later =p

A Journal Entry: believe me its a lesson for me too!! never keep pictures in the wallet!!

nosa: YA RAB AMEEEN!!! i went to ask, no wallets was reported !!

Mean B:: LOOOOL!! la wallah!! NEVER!! but why not.. if this phone completly died, i will go back for Nokia 1222 for life!!

Karamilah: ameen inshallah.. thankx doll =)

SeXy LiPs: hehehehe... i act that way normally when i forget taking my pills =p

Candy: LOOOL!! aham shay you got an idea and you felt it from my experinece =p

wallah its a bad feeling...

Oh well.. allah kareeem!!


omg ur wallet , thats worst i feel you enshalla it'll be found :(

oh gosh i love facebook's games so into them:D

Mean B

Yo standy as long as there is no picture of mine in that walet of yours then 3aadi its not important.


Another-Penelope: hopefully but it doesnt look like it!!!

Facebook rocks =D

Mean B: The reply is in your email.. please check it.. sorry i cant write it here coz its NC17 =p


Ouch, not a good few weeks for you, standy...first your problem with your contacts, and now you lose your wallet! Poor baby, let namrata make it all better ;)


Woah. I like how you add in Arabic in every post! :D


Namrata: omg tell me about it!!

yes let wifey make it all better =) October 21, 2009 11:03 AM

Nashe^: hehehe.. thank you =D i didnt notice till you poitned it out lool =p

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