Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Diet Update #3

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Hey all.. wow, I’ve been away for quite sometime now.. I have lots of catching up to do.. I had a blast last week.. I had a soccer match with the American school.. Yes my team won 2-0. That was a very nice match, did some catching up with some series that I watch, so it was great to just lay back and watch tv and relax..

Ok regarding the diet, week 3 passed fast. I did fewer mistakes unlike before. I managed to stick to the diet abit more than usual.. and yesterday was the first day to do the diet without adding anything from outside.. Wallah I am so proud of my self.. I totally can do it.. Now I have 5 more weeks to go and I feel great. I can see some positive effects on my body, people started to notice that I am loosing a bit.. So that is even a bigger motivation for me.. To maintain this, i will be doing soccer and tennis regularly, i can feel my body is starting to tone and that makes me so happy..

Now the real test comes in the weekend, I have this girls party to attend and all the temptations will be there.. Um is it ok if I dance my heart out and also eat? Balance la :)

Oh well, will see how it goes..

Lets roll to week 4..

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i love youuuuuu

mwahmwahmwahmhwah =*

sorry..just felt in a lovey mooodd and wanid to say that hehehe

im so happyyy its working out well for youu..3aad at the end of this you HAVE to show us before and after pics OKAYYYY!!! LAZIM!

if ur embarassed to show everyonee then just give me a private look ;) *e7em e7em* cuz im special sa7

i wanaaaa play football too..its been way too long..btw its not soccer..its FOOTBALL =D

next time..im joining ur team okay..bas im nt american i wana be with the brits 7abaaybee lool

take care hobi =* have a nice day


btwww i missed you =$




ow i promise i WILL stop commenting

once i get out of this hyper moood LOOOL =P

la la im jokin...this is the last one hehehe


desertpalms: LOOOL.. wallah you made my day, i just finished an exam and my mood was down, your comment made me laugh .. I LOVE YOU TOO *hugs you so tight*

Yeah the diet is finally paying off..
ohhh the pic huh.. fine i will just show you but sshh dont tell anyone ;)

I know it is football, but whenever i say football people go like American football? aish da5al american football in the gulf?!! bas so i say soccer to shut them up :D

You are most welcome to join the team, umm we have like 4 brits players is that enough for you to join?!! ;)


P.s Feeeeedeeeeeeet el hyper ;)


how was ur exaaam! inshallah u pass and got 110% lool =D

cuz ur better than the best faaa lazim u get more than top marks

wooop woooop IM IN THE TEAM BABBYY..now i jus have to get to oman =P loool

and yeah you better show me piks...khalas now u promise u CANT back down enzein!!

=D i remmber stuff so ur stuck with showing mee now!


*too much sugar elyoumm lool BAS il shurup bout dat cuz of ur diet and stuff...bas FIVE WEEKS BABY AND THEN UR MINE ENZEIN!*


OH and also..while ur in a good mood..id like to request a video of u dancing ur heart outt at the party



desertpalms: Wallah i could care less about the exam, i just want to make my boss happy so lets hope i get good marks...
bas wallah thanks for the your wisheis :D

YES YOU ARE IN THE TEAM.. hach *hands you our team shirt* now just book the plane and come to Oman.. :P

ohhh, i should have known you are the type that never forgets,, bas inshallah, min 3yooni.. once i am confident enough i will show you the pics.. yeah and you owe me the chocolate drinks and sweets..

weeeee 5 weeeeeks seeeems sooooo looooooonnnnngggggg...

about the dancing,, i dance like Mr.Bean LOL.. HELL NO VIDEO.. loool

sexy lips

oooh at last this thing works :(
Spongy is it only me who isnt lucky!! i mean i wanted to comment the space wasnt there w the older days whenever i comment it doesnt appear :(

okkk now to my comment :)
b4 that 3aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad ma Desertpalms!! 3aaad ma hypper mashallah 3leeky!!! :P:P

ok now to my SPongy :) Good girl am proud of you especially the soccer & tennis part!!
hope u keep it up dear...

hehe regarding the food :) am happy for you that u became more religious about it ;) but as u said the biggest challenge is during the weekends family , frnds , celebrations, party ,
5araaabeeee6 but u know looooooooooool i liked ur idea DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCE paka w tachooka :P:P but 1st make sure that you eat 1st then DANCE to burn laa :P:P loool

aaaaaaaaaaaaa well u know what why dont u go with the idea of having small protions :P a bit of everything :P:P :)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Spongy agoool 5aly 3aanik i know ur strong enough to overcome all this and just eat salads and fruits ;) U CAN DO IT SUGER :):):)

sexy lips

oh i 4got to say mabroooooooooooook for winning the mach!! mashallah you nailed it ;)

bet7booo meeen SPongy
w 7beebkum meen SPongy ;)


el fal lena ;)


Well done and keep it up! Btw I miss our green tea with lemon breaks ;) but I am keeping quiet otherwise you will say 3aaaaaad maa 7asdaa


The best feeling on earth is when you lose weight :)

but dont starve yourself, have a break, have a kitkat :P hehehe


sexy lips: aww thankx for your lovely words and unlimited support :D wallah you are the best *hugs*
weee, dont remind me, week is here, allah ye3ini..
The thing is if i eat ANYTHING my doctor will kill me, so i better go to the party FULL!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: yala ya dondon, we can it,, the first weeks were hard but the end is near, WE CAN DO IT!! wallah tara its worth it!!

Woody: Afaaa, for green tea i will come.. but stop offering me chcolates and stuff..

Manman: Yeah wallah totally worth it,, i feel so happy now, i feel the clothes looks better lool.. and NO mako kitkat till new year lool


woohoo to Dreams *cheering with pompoms and mini skirt*

Now we have to encourage each other.. You play soccer I lift weights and we all live happily ever after :)

Good giel, keep up the good work :)


Queen: LOOOL.. thankx for the sexy tashjee3..

Yeah we should totally encourage each other, in other words, i shoot you and you lift me LOOL..

Thankx love *hugs*

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