Saturday, November 1, 2008

Coloured Shughar--(sugar)

Saturday, November 1, 2008
My sister 9ara7a 3ajeeeeeeeba.. she took the normal white sugar and turned it into pink and other colours..
I mean really,, mo 6abee3i how she did it.. Here i took a pic..

Now the question that i have is "What on earth am i suppose to do with coloured sugar?"
So i asked her and the conversation went something like this..

Me: Wow, nice coloured sugar.. looks pretty..
Sis: Yeah, isn't it... *smiles*
Me: ohh i will go and make tea and put it in there..
Sis: What! NO!! you wont!
Me: WTH?! why not? i mean it sugar and you are meant to use it..
Sis: Yeah but not in tea!
Me: o.0 'by this point i am already confused why do we a9lan have colour sugar'.. Ok, then where can i use this sugar in?
Sis: You know, in cakes or as decoration for baked stuff or food..
Me: ok, it is not like we bake these things everyday.. so for me, tea is where it will go..
Sis: 'still arguing that i am wasting a perfect coloured sugar or tea' No,, 7araaam.. ma zain..
Me: o.0 Really?!

I really still don't get it.. and yeah she won the argument and i didn't get to make my tea pink by using the coloured sugar :( !!!

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7a66y 3la plain water oo see wat color it will turn! =)

ps: how did she make it?


laish il blue chaneh 3ajeen??


3ad ma rainbow :P

Anonymous did she do that! teach meee..i wana make some too =D

The Sister!

Hey all,
Me the one who do the coloured sugar and me no share recipe ( sir il mihna :D )
anyhow, the blue sugar is powdered that's the reason it looks like "3ajeen" unlike the others that are normal granules.



Sexy Lips

Spongy's sis :):) a big Salute from me to you dear...

mashallah 3leeky creative ;)
waiting 4 more idea from ur side;)

and i agree with you i wouldnt use that sugar in TEA!!!

weh Spongy!! do u want coloured suger to be in your tea!!!:P:P
3aad ma 7aalaaa :P

w b3deen aint u supposed to be on a diet!!! then why are you having sugar in ur TEA :P:p

P.S i know am too much to handle these days so if you c me u can hit me SPONGY :P


heyy sis...thats no fairr! yalla dont be mean...sharing is caring =P pretty pleaaaase?

standaloneee tell your sisterr =(


ĐǻñĎõøðñ: if i take the sugar and put is water my sis will kill me for sure.. as it goes into her 'waste of coloured sugar' list.. the things to do and not to do!! 3ad how she made it, she wont tell me..

3anooda:lool the blue mo 3ajeen.. aween blue powder sugar.. ya3ni mal on the donuts *imagines*..

Craizie: lool.. trooomi??!

desertpalms: how much will you pay to be taught??!! ;)

The Sister!: Yal 7asda.. ma zain.. sharing is caring!!

Sexy Lips: Come on... Sugar is nice with the tea.. i want my tea to be coloured :D

Yes on a diet but hello, i cant drink tea without sugar!!


desertpalms: aww kasarti 5a6ri,, i didnt see your post when i posted.. :(..

I will try to get it.. once i get it i will post it :D.. dont worry.. stand alone to the rescue :P


looks tempting.. Halaloya, please put it on the donuts next time u make so i can taste it :D



*dances about in her pjs*

*sings 'do a lil danceee..make a lill love..get down tonitee' *

=D ur my superwoman

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