Monday, November 17, 2008

Diet Update #4

Monday, November 17, 2008
WOW.. I am half way through already.. This past week I was so dedicated to my diet I didn’t cheat and I didn’t screw it AT ALL!!...

OMG the weekend was such a challenge, junk food was all over the house, my mom ordered something that I REALLY LOVE but of course it is on the forbidden list so I just had to look at it and droll lool.. my sis kept on getting subway cookies.. and my friends kept on inviting me and tempting me with things and they really wanted to me to screw my diet.. anyways I didn’t submit to them and I stood tall.. Oh the party.. There was this house party that I was invited in.. It was nice.. not as I had it in mind but ok.. Anyways I saw friends I didn’t see for a long time, I mingled and I did Mr. Bean dance (specially for desertpalms).
here are some pics from the party’s temptation..

I didn’t eat anything, I just drank water the whole time I was there.. Determination or what?!!
wallah i am so proud of my self.. my friends couldn't believe i will actually just look at food and not eat it!!! YAY!! *does a happy dance*

So over all the week was GREAT!! But is was kinda slow. Not sure how many weeks left. I am loosing count already, but end of the year aint far!!! I’d say I was 98% on track and I am happy with that.. Still playing football and tennis, stopped jogging…

That is all for this week. Looking forward for week #5 :D

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*high five to u sister*

Anyways, next time u find food and dont' want to have CALL ME


el fal lena!
i was losing weight oo i was soo happy about it that i started celebrating with chocolate and now im gaining it again =(

sexy lips

wow wow wow wow
i went nuts when i saw the pics of sweets!! and then the junk food!!
mashallah mashallah 3leeky
SPongy you have stong will mashallah !! keep it up sugar!! u managed to resist all this!! wallah if it was me i would say abooy laa diet wala 5araabee6 we just live once !! :P but mashallah 3leeky!!

sexy lips

aaaa Spongy am wondering in the pic of the sweets & candies what's that in the plate " looks like 7alazooni maccarooni:P "


heeeeeeeeey whats the point of a Mr bean dance if theres no video haa!

ur just a big tease =P

mm im craving kfc buckett...wowww bas im so proud of you seriously!!! all of that temptation and all u had was water!

=** waaay to go girlyyy!!!

the After pic is gona loookkk HOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooOOOOoTTT babbyyy!!


looool at you dandoon..

Well said Sexy Lips, high five to u :)


Queen: *high five* lool.. i'll make sure to give you a call next time there is foood.. lool

ĐǻñĎõøðñ:LOOOL... OMG.. lool.. if i did that my doctor would have killed me long time back.. but honestly i cant wait to celebrate.. bas really you should stop the celebration and try to loose again..

sexy lips: thank you so much love *hugs*.. i guess it is a good thing you didnt come to the party otherwise kan ru7ti feeha and your diet would have been 5abar KAAAAN!! lool.. wallah it was so hard but i just had to prove to my self that i can do and i am so happy that i did!! the macarooni thing is chips, not sure which kind!..

desertpalms: LOOL.. at least i did the dance for you :p

awww thanks for the sweet words doll *hugs*.. it was really hard to resist the KFC bas yehoon 4 more weeks to go!!

The after pic is gonna look abu el hot.. YEAAAAH BABY!! lool

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