Monday, November 3, 2008

Diet Update #2

Monday, November 3, 2008
Now that 2 weeks has passed things should be easier but it is NOT! God I am suffering, and all the good things come in the time that you so0o don’t want them to come in. So this week was worse than week one. The breakfast and dinners are not bad and 90% on spot but the in-between and the weekend is where the screw up happened!!..

My diet got screwed on the following occasions:
One- Following up with ‘sexy lips’'s birthday and we had an outing and everything went down the drain.
Two- Someone in the office had a promotion and invited us for PIZZA.. how can I say no to that!!
Three- I was sick and I wanted to pamper my self so I took a break.
Four- The weekend welcomed me with open arms LOL..
Five- It was someone else’s birthday so you know the drill..

Anyhow, this week I would rate my self a 40% on track and 60% off track.. But really give me a break.. This week I did more exercise than ever.. I played soccer, I jogged and I also played tennis. So yeah I think I managed to burn what I ate “I know wishful thinking”lool..

I feel great and I feel like I lost some sha7am on the sides so that is always a good sign :D

Yala let week #3 being..

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at least u feel goood! baby thats all that matters..keep going, im sure you will see a difference between 2weeks ago and the end. you made me crave pizza now hehehe..i think im gona go get somee for lunch

p.s welli salmich plz plz pretty plz take off the word verifications..its annoying =P evrytime i post a comment i have to write it a milion times cuz i keep puttin it wrong lool im blind!


atleast you lost some side sha7am! i havent lost anything! i think ive gained infact! =(


All the best darling.. u can do it, although u don't need it! :)


Queen: Thankx for your support, wallah you are just being sweet, i need it for the wedding la.. ;)

desertpalms:No, NO, NO MORE PIZZA.. now me want!! :(..
Yeah well i feel good, and i am optimistic, hope the following days will be better..
P.s hach *hands you a glasses* :p
P.p.s your request has been approved ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ- :( yala we are in this together, motivate me i motivate you.. we can do it..
p.s i feel doesnt mean that i really lost the sha7am :p

MEin B

just keep on lieing to your self girl. what ever jogging or soccor you do since you screwed the diet you screwed it nothing HELPS. blaahhahahahah :)


Mean B: LOOOL.. wallah 9ara7a you are the most supportive friend EVER!!! yeah today i also screwed it more coz there was snacks in the office and i ate from it o.0
ahh it should be still good :)

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