Monday, November 24, 2008

Diet Update #5

Monday, November 24, 2008
OMG.. OMG.. OMG.. I'M SO HAPPY.. this week was a bliss. It was so easy, it moved by super fast and I finally weighed my self =) .. I was talking to my doctor and i was asked if i know how much i lost already.. so et7amast and I went to see how much i lost.. I LOST 3KG.. YEAH BABY, of course along with the inches, wallah that made me so happy.. I am 70 now, 7kg more to go… ohh another thing that made me so happy, i have a shirt, it was a bit tight and now is it looooooossseeeeee… YAY!! Wallah I am over the moon.. (Dandon el fal lich Inshallah)

Ok, last week, didn’t cheat at all, well i did eat something but it was under the supervision of my doctor so that was fine =p..

Week 6 will be hard as i am travelling today to go to Dubai, so yeah good luck with my diet and finding healthy food to eat..

I will miss you all.. You guys take care and have fun and see you when i am back..
*hugs* to everyone..

P.s Desertpalm, please start buying those sweets so they can be sent over here =p

7 Voices:


ana tawwny makla burger king?

laish? l2any te7abat ena i put back the 4kg that i had lost in the past few weeks

i need some serious slapping!

my lose shirts 9aro tight!! =@



yay u!

keep up the good work


*cheering for u*

NOW, send over a copy of the diet la...


:) mashallah :)
3 Kgs ;)
Keep it up sugar...
I hope you had fun in UAE and managed to maintian your diet :)

mean B





sorrry i havnt comented earlier..there was some problems going on in ym life ow blah blah bas im so PROUD OF YOU GIRL! keep it goinggg..i hope u have so much fun in dubaai and stay away from the SWEETS OKAY

ur only allowed to eat MY SWEETS muahahahah =p inshallah trdeen bisalama babe =*


ĐǻñĎõøðñ: OMG i so remembered you in dubai when i had the burger king 0.o.. killo minik, once you wrote it i started craving for it..

eshda3wa: allah yebarik,, thankx babe,, bas i think i gained 5 from this UAE trip :S.. i need to make some sirouse excersising..

Queen: LOL.. first strip that i will send you the diet ;)
kidding.. once i am back to work i will do so inshallah..

Anonymous: Thankx babe =)
wallah mako maintain in UAE, it all went down the drain :s

mean B:LOOOOOOOOOL... hach *hands you a pillow*

deserpalms: *hugs you so0o0o0o tight* wallah i missed you.. hope you are feeling better now and everything is ok now in your life.. allah ya36iki el 3afiya..
e7im,, my diet is so0o down the drain,, bas i am totally waiting for your sweets.. no more other sweets but yours =D *hugs*

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