Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Plan: Executed

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 9

I will start by saying I am proud of myself for executing my plan which was to exercise in Ramadan and eat healthy and all that..

18 days into Ramadan and I finally did it =D
I exercised =D

But 3ad when I came back home I was broken, tired and exhausted but my sweet sweet adorable amazing lovely husband gave me a surprise massage =D

I walked into the room and he had candles lit beside my bed and he was like “this way please” lool.. Isn’t my 7amani CCCUUUUTEEEE.. Me love him :*

It was something like this =D

So I got the best massage EVER!!

The next day Ramadan 19, I went again.. This time it wasn’t pretty at all!! And after that I retired and I exterminated my plan coz there is no point.. Plus I discovered its not healthy to workout..

Let me tell you WHY its not healthy to workout!! Your back, leg, hands and hair hurts and you get muscle pain for days and you also start craving for sweets and chocolate!! Before I started working out, I didn’t want to eat anything!!

On the plus side, I somehow managed to loose weight, not sure how that happened but I am happy =D

How is your workout plan working out for you???

Monday, August 16, 2010

He Looks Like My Boss!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010 17
Sitting in a meeting today bored and feeling sleepy, my boss was sitting next to me and when he talks i cant help but look at him and pretend that i am interested in what is going on with the work that we need to do lool.. While looking at him, i was saying to myself that he looks very familiar then it hit me!! MY BOSS LOOKS LIKE THIS GUY!!

For those who don’t know him.. His name is Michael Emerson and he plays a character called "Ben Linus" in the series "Lost"..

I would have uploaded the picture of my boss but that wouldn’t be ethical now would it ;)

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Plan

Monday, August 9, 2010 9
The more I wash my clothes the more they shrink.. They are trying to play games on me and indicating and assuming that I am getting FAT, which is clearly NOT the case here, coz we all know that heat makes things shrink!!!

My Clothes HAS Shrunk, I am so sticking to my story!!

So here is the plan.. Oh no, my clothes aren’t gonna win.. They want to trick my but the joke is on them.. Oh Yeah.. I won’t replace them; i won’t give them the satisfaction of seeing new things in the closet!!

Back to the plan..
Since Ramadan is only few days away, it’s the perfect time to loose I mean to START.. Yes START having a healthier life style.. Less junk food and healthier home made food… Start engaging in any type of available sport.. Since football is over, i think I will join the basketball team if they will be having any activities, if not, I might gather the football girls and just do our own training or anything.. Or simply find a partner who will go jogging with me =)

The plan sounds simple and nice =D
Now executing it and implementing it is where I need a kick start!!

To all my clothes that have shrunk, I say BRING IT ON!!!

And soon, I will be telling you IN YOUR FACE!!!!

Ramadan Mubarak everyone,, yen3ad 3alekum bialf 9i7a o salama.. Taqabal Allah 9iyamakum..

Monday, August 2, 2010

This is it!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010 12
When I first got introduced to you I was so happy… Actually beyond happy…I remember when people were telling me about you.. I was hesitant on the idea of you.. The way that you are, the things that you can do.. It was all too good to be true.. Little did I know that my life with you would be happiness and torture in the end..

The first few days I was the happiest person on earth.. You were glued to me 24/7 and I LOVED IT!! Would tell anyone and everyone about you.. The most important thing is that I felt so pretty and easy when you were with me..

The only time we’d be apart is when I go to bed..

Now, I really cant wait to get rid of you.. Nowadays you are requiring too much attention.. You are not as good as you were.. I have to keep you up to date or I suffer by a headache or I cant work.. Its just not easy.. I’ve complained A LOT about you, and everyone knows your story… I think its time.. 10 years is a life time. This relationship between me and you must end..

There is a way to get rid of you once and for all.. Not sure when I will be able to do it but I have to.. I’ve reached a point where I NEED YOU OUT OF MY LIFE..

Now it all comes to the 1000 Rials..

Once I get the 1000 Rials it’s gonna be the time I kill you..
And that day will go into history as
“The Day That Standy Got Rid of Her Lenses”
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