Thursday, August 27, 2009

Red Light..

Thursday, August 27, 2009
For the first time since i started driving, today i crossed a red light lool.. and it wasn't a good feeling!!!
i crossed many yellow ones, but never a red!
i hope i dont get a fine!! i dont have 75 Rials to pay lool..

Oh let me tell you what i have been up to:
1. I finally took 2 weeks off from work and that is considered my summer break =D
2. For the first time ever, i am dieting in Ramadan.. i have my ups and downs but so far its good =)
3. Me and the football girls will be traveling to UAE for a tournament next week =D
4. Anony agreed to come and cheer for the team.. Anony your outfit is ready, just bring the girls and yourself =p
5. I dont know where to start with Eid shopping..
6. I am being pimped by my family left, right and center so that they wed me ASAP!! like i am that desperate..
7. Remember my friend who lost her contact lens while swimming, you know the totally na7s day in this post. Yeah, she finally got the special made contact after being legally blind for 5 weeks.. mabrook 3aleeki el 3adasa ya 7abibti.. finaly you can see 3idil mithil el nas lool...
8. I AM ON HOLIDAY!!! YAY!!! feeels so good!!!

and that is it..
so what are you guys up to?

P.s I said the word car in my previous post "14" times and twinzy aka Desertpalms got it right!! hmmm... fii shak! La my twin would never cheat!! RIGHT TWINZY????

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bs ween my ticket ?? :P


ay ticket ay ba6eee5 =p

i thought you said you will pay that for yourself and all i have to do is let you in for the cheerleading.. i worked my ass as team manager to do that for you and now you are giving me attitude!!!!!! @@


i told u to tell the boss the idea and he'll work it out @@

now i have to pay :O what if u dont win ??? you think i'll cheer for a team that woudl loose ??? HELOOOOO!!!! i have a reputation to mentain!!

besides lazem a7es eni kashkha o 3ali 6alab eli 6albeeni o dazeela tathkara mo raza wayhe ashaje3 fareeq ra7 yakhser :O


Welcome to the UAE standy,hope u have fun here will come here in Abu Dhabi?

LOOL @ #7

sha6rah DP akeed 3adathum o
'3ashat =P


wohooooo enjoy your break andy!!



oh i just read candys comment..WAS I NOT SUPPOSED TO COUNT EM?

LOOOOOOL ok ok i didnt see that before! =$ e7em so TECHNICALLY i didnt MEAN to it doesnt matter =D


this post really cheered me up :D
i have no idea y :P well i dont know its soo fun i guess! heheh

ufff i always cross red lights! im always afraid that ill die tat way 1 day :p esmelah 3alay :p

No identity..

Hey... miss you girl... welcome to the red light club :-)


Yaaa its really not a good feeling when u cross a red light !! I did it soo many times bas el 7mdlellah still ma7ad za5ny :p
Dad always says Be carefull wela ana ely bas7b ur license :s

Enjoooooooy ur holidaay and welcome to UAE ;)


Anony: La wallah, titfawoli 3aleena bil hazima o el 5asara?? ween el tashjee3? weeen el faith? weeen el moral support?

The boss agreed bas 3ad we have the expenses for the team and this cheerleading thing came from me, and i paid for the outfit from my money.. after all what i have gone for YOU, now you come and tell me about demand and how kash5a you are and how you want 3ala 7isab my team to be popular @@


Candy: Thank You =D

Actually, yes.. I will be in AD the whole time.. how about you come and cheer for us?? Or watch us play =) something fun to do =)

I always thought you stay in Dubai, I donno why….

Yeah, maskeena my friend.. FINALLY!!

Lool.. maskeena twinzy, qaaaal she didn’t know she wasn’t suppose to count =p

desertpalms: Thank you =)
I am planning to enjoy it to the max inshallah =)

I even wrote it in lagre font!! Did you read it with or without glasses???

nosa: al7amdulliah someone is happy because of me =D
el mohim it cheered you up, no need for the WHY bit =p

you should stop crossing the red lights.. It was a scary feeling for me today..
inshallah el 3omur kulo, o allah ye7fa’9ik amen…

Just stop crossing and you should be fine =)

No identity: Hala wallah, I miss you too babe.. its been awhile, hope all is good with you, and NO, this was a once in a life time red light mistake =)
so so sorry I wont join your club =p

Mone: you need to stop doing that!! Nothing to be proud of or feel good about.. and your dad is right =)
always listen to daddy, he knows better ;)
allah ye7fa9ik and inshalalh you come back to your senses soon =)

Thank you, I plan to enjoy it A LOT!!




*does the hair flip 7araka and walks away* :P


oh awesome to hear that well goodluck for the football thingy and ur diet ^_^

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hi again =D
yaa most blogger think am from Dubai dunno why :S,no am from's written in my profile..anyways
W.A.N.A.S.A,ya3ne we will be under the same sky!!!
here is the good news :D ,3ady etha i came for cheering, ayee ashaje3kum inti o ur friends :P,tell where r u, and i'll come =DDD


Anony: LOOL.. standy t9afaq or t’3ani 7al Anony
“sha3rik bi thalo far7an, 6abi3i ma3a sunsilk, quwa o 7ayawiya o lama3an, 9i7i ma3a sunsilk” =p

Another-Penelope: thank you =D

Candy: LOOL!! Ok, its nice to know that I am not the only one who thinks that..

hey it will be GREAT if you can make it =D

It will be in Nadi Al Thuba6 lil quwat el musala7a hotel, or something like that, I don’t know the full name, I just call it nadi el ‘9ba6 hotel hehehe

Bas 3ad you have to shaja3 OMAN, there are like I think 2 emarati teams so no cheering for them, if you want, email me your contact and once i reach there, I will sms you the timings and all, and you can bring your sheela and come and cheer for OMAN =D


aww i wana cheer too! =(

and hey! dont be mean! =/ I missed that part, honest! =( twinzy doesnt cheat!


YAY holiday and haha congrats to your friend. I felt pity for her for her lenses. I know how hard is that coz I'm blind without my glasses ro lenses!

OMG you play football? That is awesome!


Mabrook 3alaiky crossing your first red light =D **

im still waiting for 40 more minutes so i can say that nawwart eluae =b

Have fun in those 2 weeks...

o keep up the diet =D

im on n off..

but im determined


Finally caught up with ur posts..

Peace & hugs..


good luck eb ur tournament!

and girl be careful!

passing a red light

are u CRAZY !


desertpalms: TA3ALI CHEER FOR YOUR TWINZY =D that will be great.. ask anony to make yor join her cheering squad!!

C: LOL!! wallah maskeena my friend.. al7amdulliah she got it..

You didnt know i play football??!! how come?

Roon: LOOOOL!! allah yebarik feeesh, lol,, its nothing to congratulate me for lool.. i am not setting a good example for you now am i? =p

welcome to the UAE =D Nawerti UAE =D

inshallah will TRY to maintaine my diet over there.. thank you..

=D missed you lil sis!!

eshda3wa: thank you,,, ed3oolna we achive something =D

=( wallah not proud of that, but it was too late to break coz i was driving fast, so eaither i stop in the middle of the cross junction or speed off!! so yeah,,

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