Friday, August 7, 2009

The Kitchen Adventures of Standy and Sis (1)

Friday, August 7, 2009
Today sis came over with her husband to have lunch over at the house.. After lunch we sat the 3 of us watching "twilight" and she got bored, SOOO bored that she said "i'd rather be baking than watching this".. Next thing you know, i was dragged to the kitchen under the purpose of "teaching" me how to make a date cake!!!

So let me take you through this kitchen adventure..

Today (if you guys dont already know) i will teach you, how to make Date Cake in less than 20 min =) (its more like a brownie date cake)

You need 1/2 cup of butter, 1 cup of dates and one can of condensed milk..

Melt the butter, then add the dates and the condensed milk and cook on mid/low..

Once all the ingredients mix together, it will look kinda like this pic..

Next you add 1 cup of flour, 2 tea spoons of baking soda and 1 tea spoon of vanilla..

Once you add the flour, you take the pot off the fire and mix till everything gets together..

Take the baking pan and brush it with butter then add flour kinda like the pic below..

Add the mixture in it, and bake it on a temperature of 170 degree for 30-35 min

This is the caramel sauce.. sorry no recipe for this =D

And here is the outcome and 3aleena bil 3afiya =p

I advice you guys to try this. and if you do please let me know =D
This recipe is usually enough for 4-6 people..
Enjoy and Bon Appetite..

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bel3afya ;)
yhis looks yummy... I'll give it a try in Ramadan ;)


ya salaaaam! shklah wayed yummy!!!
am such a loser when it comes to "sweats) i've tried to bake a cake once and i've burnt it and at last i was yelled at by my mom


shakelha 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeb

i should try it :O




bil3afyaaa but why wont you gimme the recipe for the caramel sauce..why standy WHYYYY???! you so evil! =/

caramel is my weakness =(


that looks welcoming :)

i so want to try to bake those !!!!!!!!!!!

inshalla when i get back to kuwait i will try it :)

For Ramadan !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the baking lesson walla its better then the books at least i have pictures to compare my baking with :)


Aurous: Allah ye3afiish.. Ramadhan is the best time to cook this =D
Let me know how it goes ;)

Candy: LOOL!! Candy, is there somehting that you did and you didnt get yelled at??? LOOL.. all your adventures ends up with you being YELLED at! looool
ya7lelik wallah!

Anony: it is 3ajeeeeeb =p
you defnetly should try it =D
let me know the outcome =p

desertpalms: LOOL!! TWINZY!!
the caramel sauce recipe was 5arboo6a and its still in the draft section.. once we master it, i will surely send it to you =)

*rubs my hands together* now i know your secert (MWAHAHAHA) *evil laugh*

CuteandCuddly: its so easy and really doesnt take time AT ALL!!

lool.. yeah the pics to compair.. never thought of that way, but i am so glad that i can help =D
let me know how it goes...


oO oO 6ba5aaa 3ndinaaa ;) hehehe were those tamer? oh yeah it is :P I think my mom did that too and it taste goood allah y36eech 3afyaa and ur sis too ^_^


looks yummy,
w shakilha as-hal 3an than one we make at home,
ours has walnuts and is puffy.
will try urs soon, and then decide which is better


Awwwww yummy! *C quit her diet and ran to kitchen and munch junkies* This look really yummy and I'm hungry!

A Journal Entry

i'm gonna try it =D


Another-Penelope: LOOOL!! yes i am a cook =p
allah ye3afish...

Karamilah: this is very easy..i think you can add whatever you want in the end of the mixing!! try and let me know =)

p.s elyoom el blog mali mnawar!!

C: LAA LAAAA *pulls C min sha3arha* NO BREAKING YOUR DIET @@
i am also on a diet hehe. i didnt even get a chance to eat what i cooked!!!

A Journal Entry: indeeed YUMMY!! let me know how it goes =D


this sounds very sweet :p
i love dates but not in cakes.. madri bs this 1 dash glbi :p

might try it out! so its super easy :D


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