Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Worth it :p

Wednesday, October 8, 2008
30 min jogging..
2 small bottle of water..
Almost 200 calories burned..
Ruined by 3 pieces of Patchi chocolate..
And a plate of ma3carona bil bashamel..

I am not even feeling guilty
Although I should coz I really jogged min el qalb

7 Voices:


mo il fayda to jog then?


at least u jogged - imagine if u didnt and had that to eat then u would have added instead of balancing out


You are obviously a woman of many hidden talents! Many voices? Which one is yours? Talking about the Omani workerzzzzz... To which category do you belong? Or you want me to say it? I have really enjoyed reading all. More grease to your elbows. Cheers.



3anooda: thankx for your support and i totally agree with you.. never thought of it like that *high five* :D

Bio: Thankx for your reading and glad you enjoyed and thankx for the comment too :)
umm regarding the category umm, as you said i think i fall under the modest and the magazine diva of course without the attitude :p


looooooooool youre just like me heheheh

i go to the gym..REALLLYYY WORK OUT for an hour or two and then go reward myself a whole PLATE of lgaaimaat =P

yeahh babbyy!! hehehe


desertpalms: it is really nice to know that i am not alone LOOOL!!
ROCK ON!! :p


LOOOOL my friends always say im over-optimistic bas seriously. imagine u spent 2 hours in the gym burning. law u werent in the gym most likely u would be eating so bidal the balance out that u did now u would have bil3aks intake malyon output zero.

as long as ur moving, ur good

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