Sunday, October 19, 2008


Sunday, October 19, 2008
Today i started my diet.. My Doctor has been pushing me to start this diet since forever.. So i promised i would start it in Oct.. so here i am.. The plan is to loose 10kg, and the deadline is new year.. So i got my programme and now all i have to do it follow it right to the last word.. and since i am jogging and training, it should really help me to loose it faster and more healthier..

The first day today was not a bad one.. i followed it all, i feel great and i jogged without feeling dizzy or anything so that is good..

I am determined and i can do it.. i believe in my self and i can be the biggest looser.. LOL!


yala.. wish me luck

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Laura K

sexy lips

Good gurl!!
keep it up Spongy....

i guess i'll join u soon inshallah if u dont mind :)

bt 1st let me c ur programe :P

Keep up the good work ;)



sexy lips: thankx doll for your surrport.. Cant wait for you to come back and join me.. You dont have to see my programme as it is perfect, all you have to do is join :D

Yala waiting for you:D.. Miss ya.


ahh goood luck girl!!

il emohim you focus on gettin fit rather than just numbers and losing weight!



desertpalms: thanks girl for your support,, i will try my best.. *hugs back*


wishing you good luck with your diet dear .. cant wait to see the result :)


hey muff.. thankx for the support :).. will need it!!!


el fal lena! =D

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