Monday, October 6, 2008

Stereotyping The Omani WorkerzZzZz...

Monday, October 6, 2008
Inspired by posts from “Abi Omi Abi Oboooy” and “'6ay3a OO Day5a
I present to you, the stereotypes of Female Workers:
The Newbies
These are the types of girls who are clueless and just started working. Not really sure how to dress up or what to wear. They usually tend to change their styles very often and don’t really stick to one. Every week is a new thing to them till they get their groove. They are usually lost work-wise.

The Modest
These types are the ones who are ok. They come in a calm style. Once in awhile there is a change, but usually dressing up is a routine for them and they really don’t care as long as they do their job right.

The Kash5a
These are the evil Arab women who come in dressed in weird style Abbaya’a and they are all about the bo5ur, 3anbar and 3ood. They come in with heavy perfumes that float and linger in the air till you suffocate. All what they care about is the new Abbaya style, whether it is the “French” style or the “African” style, as long as it is new and on the market, they will just buy it and wear it and blind you with their sense of fashion. They don’t care about work as much as they do about the gossiping.

The Magazine Diva
These are the “Fashion Show Ladies” as everyday is a new glamorous day walking in the work runway,, “oops” I mean hallway, with the new Gucci bag, and Prada outfit and Nine West shoes. The talk is all about Mani and Padi and latest fashion crisis. They are usually seen in groups where you cannot mingle with them. Always criticizing the other type of women fashion-wise. Mostly seen eating a low fat yoghurt or drinking caffeine free coffee just to maintain their figure. They are 24/7 on diet.

The Gothic
These are the ladies who are always in black. Black abbaya or a black outfit. Seen in dull make up or with no make up at all. Very unpleasant company and anti social. Always at the corner desk at the end of the office. Gives weird vibes and suspected of using black magic.

The Zbala
These are the ones who come to the office smelling like kitchen. For god sake, it is 8 in the morning what could you have possibly cooked to be smelling like this?? They usually look like they just woke up and they are comfortably sitting at their home. You see them in every team gathering or farewell for the free food. When you need them for work you don’t find them as typically they always have “home/child crisis” waiting ahead in the day.

The Oldies
These are the women who mar 3alehum el dahar and they still don't want to retire. Very old fashion and not really up-todate. Usually seen in groups and never alone. Everyday there is a gathering in of the offices. Doesn't do any work, then complains about the new graduates that come into the company and gets paid more than them.

And here are the stereotypes of Male Workers:
The Normal Dude
Maskeeen hatha el dude. Always minding his own business. Likes to wear the dishdasha and doesn't really mingle at work. Usually married right after graduation. Very dedicated in their work.

The Western Dude
The pants, jeans, and t-shirt guy. Mako wa6aniya at all. If you talk to him in Arabic, Hindi, French or Swahili, he will just reply you in English with an accent ba3ad. Tlaqi bara el wa6an ma-sar. Always criticizing abna2 el sha3b on how behind they are. These types are always charming and running after the Magazine Diva Ladies.

The Over Doing it Dude
These are the male version on the Kash5a Ladies. They are always in new dishdashas, new fragrance, new bu5oor. Charming in the typical "bado" way. They think they are all that and they represent the typical khaliji male attitude. Always seen around the Kash5a and Magazine Diva Ladies. Usually married but searching for wife No.2.

The I Don’t Care Dude
Howa o hindi el shari3 wa7id. Doesn’t really care about the looks. Usually smells like the sun + sweat. The dishdasha always has a stain of curry or tea on it. You never see them in their seats. Always seen in banks or drinking tea in the cafeteria.

10 Voices:



aham shay smells like sun and sweat


so how would u categorize urself?


LOL!! i guess i am the one and only.. the sporty type.. Who wears abbaya and trainers :)


Damn .. I am the abya trainers thingy as well, I got some gothic style in me as well except the black magic part hehehe


''Gives weird vibes and suspected of using black magic.''
hmmmmm and u were sayin that these are kids stories? LOL b3din 7aram, thats such a disgrace to GOTH .. lol .. cmon, i'm a little bit gothic, goth is cool :P mo black magic o madri sheno :P
plus, if that was ur standards then all women who are wearin 3abaya should be goth since all 3bayas are black ,... madri 3an 3ndokom 3abayat fesforia in oman ? hathy salfa thania lol .. that would be da PUNK type :P


Åяΐәŝ : LOOOL!! well, goth is co0ol.. black magic is co0oler.. come i can teach you some tricks ;)

LOOL.. la 3ad fesfori 3abbaya qawiya!! hmm, you gave me an idea *scribbles down the 3abbaya idea to do for next eid on my things to do*


LOOOL nice one

u forgot the goody 2 shoes - the girls that would be found always sitting at their desks but gossiping with either neighbouring colleagues or others in different offices either by phone or email. their sentences usually start with "chiftee hatheek . . ."

also the oldies are usually zanzi mothers that everyone calls auntie. they have been at the same job for 17 years, unwilling to do anything new and complain about never getting a promotion even though they get one every other year. will swear at their indian bosses that are standing right in front of them in arabic very loudly confident that they dont understand anything. in such broken arabic that it sounds like "hathi rijal ma tifham shay oo eeji yqoolo ana ma sawaity shu'3ooli zain"


loool 3annoooda that's baaaaad, i know ppl like that :)

nice post Dreams, what type would u give me? i bet MODEST :)



3anooda: There were many many others types that came to mind when i went to sleep last night, i like the goody 2 shoes LOL.. that is funny!!
Uhh the Olides, yeah the boss part is so true LOOOL.. i cant believe i missed that point!!

Queen: Hey, hope you are enjoying your holiday.. umm you.. you wanna know what i will give you.. hmm, mixer of this and that :P wont say what :) but yeah, modest fits you well.. :)


hiiii Dreams.. well i liked this topic and i thought of giving u my voice :)

my type is mixed of two types you have mentioned there :)) and i wont say it! will let U guss! :) loool

and with any type of 3abaya am wearing Still i can Do my work Perfectly..



HEY MUFFIN!! Thankx for your comment doll!! umm i tried to figure out what type you are but i really cant!! hmm,, maybe you are the "kash5a" one without the attitude?! :)

P.s thankx for your voice :D

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