Monday, October 27, 2008

Diet Update #1

Monday, October 27, 2008
So week one has passed.. and e7im, well lets say it didn’t really go as planned!! LOL.. I screwed the diet in so many occasions... Well, not really but it got screwed for 4 reasons:
One- coz my will power was always over powered.
Two- coz people keep on giving my chocolates and sweets.
Three- coz it was someone’s birthday.
Four- coz the weekend arrived!!

Ok, to be honest, I always do fine during the day, but at night I don’t follow it BUT i do eat the healthy food that they cook at home,, you know mixed vegetables, steamed fish, grilled chicken, etc. I hope my doctor doesn’t read this post :p

So my progress is as the following.. I managed to follow my diet 70% of the time and I screwed it 30% only,, I exercise everyday, so that helps based on “3anooda’s” philosophy “be optimistic coz at least you are doing something and in the end you are balancing”..

Anyways, I feel great and I feel light and I feel like I shaped up a bit

On to week #2…

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Sexy Lips

so one of the reasons you not being strict/firm in ur diet program is that it was someones B'day!!! :(:(

aboooy Sorry :P:P

well apart from that... i still wish u keep up the good work... i feel its a good start to follow the program 70% and deviate with 30% only :P:P
inshallah next week things would improve....

P.S some ppl promised others that they'll share their program but it seems they always 4get to do so " ya traa 7aasaaad 3maany wala 7aasaad 3maany :P:P"

Good Luck SPONGY :P


LOOOL.. afaa sexy lips.. well i had to share your birthday otherwise i wont be a good friend!!

Inshallah this week will be better :).. Thankx for the encouragement...

Umm about the diet, Yes 7asad 3maany but oh well, i will be nice.. i just sent it to you now :D.. Enjoy!!! *hugs*

Sexy Lips

fedeeet roo7ik SPONGY :)


LOOOOOOL why do i feel like my philosophy was plugged in there in a way to shift blame????

la la 3adi - seriously the way i see it is when u used to ate like how u normally eat before and u werent gaining weight that means if ur eating habits remain the same and u move, u will loose. dont know how to explain it but i think u got it.

btw where do u gym??


LOL!! me trying to shift the blame to you so my doctor wont kill me NOOOOOO.. why would i do that?? ;) :p

well.. since 2005-2008 i gained 5 more kgs.. yeah since i started working that is LOL!! work ruins your figure!!
My eating habits are really bad and i need to cut that down.. but i totally get what you mean :D

I dont like going to the gym, i prefer playing sports.. At the moment i jog at the beach with my friends..


wishing you good luck hayati

hopefully its jus gonna keep on getting easier from now..cuz ur gettin used to it

and the occasional chocolate is fine hehehe =P


i screwed up my diet 4 out of days last week...
things arent looking good this week either =(


work!!! tell me about it. there was a time at work when all i used to eat all day was the greasy burgers and hotdogs mal those nasty ass cafeterias. LOL. when i closed my mouth at work i saw a huge difference.


desertpalms: Thank you for your wishes.. i hope it will be easy but aint no getting used to this LOL.. i try :P.. oh yeah occasional chocolate mal everyday is TOTALLY fine :D

ĐǻñĎõøðñ: oohhhh.. :( so sorry to hear that!! but yala we can do it!! lets join forces and try.. for me, this weekend doesnt look good AT ALL!!

3anooda: LOOOL!! OMG LOOL.. same here,, working in the bank was the worst.. i think i gained more there LOL.. people were just eating all the time..for me, when i moved i saw a huge difference lool..


Yeah, tell me about work, I gained a KILO for eaach MONTH I worked, so I'm completeing a year now so you do the math :D


Anonymous: OMG o.0.. 12 KG in a year?!! that is too much.. you know the avrage of gaining in a year is 3 kg!! you gained a whole 4 year in 1 LOL!!

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