Tuesday, July 2, 2013

No Title..

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
This is what of those posts that doesn't really have a meaning but you know its just something  that you wanna do and put out there and i bet by the end of reading this you would wasted your seconds reading something that has no head no body and no toe lol.. you dig??

Good.. Moving on!

Whats up with girls wanting to "bring back their virginity" ??! like really, since when is sex the norm around here? OMG YOUR 18 YOU SHOULD HAVE ALREADY DONE IT WITH YOUR BF!! really?? REALLY??

Do i blame the family? or the tv shows that the teenagers are glued to? when did thier morals become so low!!!!

On another note.. exceeding at work by using your sexuality.. hmm.. i wouldn't have believed it if i didnt really see it! but oh b-o-h-o-y! it does happen.. and its so so0oo saaaaaad!!

Speaking of work!
i have loads of things and tasks and mini stuff to do but somehow i cant bring myself to do any.. i really need professional help! where is my doctor when you need her????

i gave up on all sort of things,, writing a list.. making task.. giving myself timing and it all went down the pooper lool..

oh oh oh and the last thing before i leave coz guess what.. YES its time to go home!!

I seem to grow horizontal on the wide side rather than shrinking.. I try to stop eating and (i dont workout) but i do try to eat less and think but i don't seem to have been loosing..

So Ramadan is coming and inshallah i will be working out (that is the plan) and i need to get more religious and eat less and think of the less fortunate :)

So yeah.. that is all for now..

Till i post again..

wishing you a lovely day :D

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you serouse

Mean B

what you mean by exceeding at work by using your sexuality??

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