Sunday, July 14, 2013


Sunday, July 14, 2013



I decided against the fitbit and this is what i got instead, for many reasons and mainly coz the application is not available in my country somehow and the fit bit it to be ordered online which means delay and coz i could buy this hehe..

So yeah i got the UP,, and so far my spirits are UP and positive :)

So far it has shown me how lazy i am and how very INACTIVE i am and how i think i eat less but in reality i do eat more that what i burn in the day therefore i am instead of me loosing and i am gaining while thinking i am becoming sexy by just eating and thinking i am not so lazy..

So my plan is to workout in Ramadan.. Daily or at least 5 days a week.. reduce my food and monitor my sleep :D

so far my sleep is not as good.. but i am loving how this thing wakes me up..

Its been two days and so far I am liking it.. will share more details on the review :)

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