Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Perfect Someone..

Sunday, January 29, 2012 10
The first time I saw you was in a picture of you and your brother..
I can’t describe how I felt but I was smitten away by your smile and the warmth that is in your eyes..

Your smile was breath taking and your features was so genuine..
Your eyes had so much life in them..
I was mesmerised by your looks. Somehow I could feel the mood of happiness to the fact that I was smiling without noticing till my friend nudged me and asked me “what is funny? Are you reading a joke?”

Before I knew it, I was already crashing on you..
I asked about you and everyone praised you..
To my surprise you ended up being one of my very close friend’s best friend..
Fate or destiny??

I do have lots of crushes but this one is different..
Your picture never left my head, if I had a wish; It would be see you face to face..
God did answer my prayers..

Even then I knew you were something special..
I’ve been obsessing with an imaginary someone that I never thought did exist.
The first time I saw you I froze in my place and I couldn’t move..
Was it me wishing too hard to see you or did fate finally made my dream come true..

I only saw you 6 times in my life. Each time I see you, you take my breath away.. Life, time and I, would stand still for how taken away we were by you..

Today I remembered you.. You brought a smile to my face..
For that I owe you.. For making my day bright..
Thank you =)

If we met, I know you would have been my perfect someone..

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Saturday, January 21, 2012 5
Al7amdulliah that 2011 ended on a semi great note and it wasn’t as it started.. I am hoping that 2012 treats me better and grants my wishes and I do hope it comes soon…

I don’t even wish to recap what happened in 2011 coz it wasn’t a good year for me..

One thing I wanna say is sorry to those who I disappeared on.. The ones who I ignored, and the ones who I shut out of my life.. I shouldn’t have had, but somehow I lost myself and getting it back has been hard.

To lose yourself it’s very easy, the challenge is to admit that you are lost and accept help from people.. I realized I can’t do everything by myself. No matter what they say, you always need someone.. You might not realize it but in the end you do.

As the days pass, the path of life becomes more clear.. I have realized that I am stronger that what I anticipated.. I am happier than yesterday,, I am more relaxed,, and I connect better to people.. 2012 is looking great so far therefore I have no complains what so ever :)

Friday, January 13, 2012


Friday, January 13, 2012 5

Yesterday was a long day.. But it was fun.. It’s been awhile since I had a BBQ meal.. Having the family around it’s not so bad after all :)

Today was a very eventful day.. I kinda liked the experience that I went through.. Although I didn’t have much sleep yesterday night but somehow I still managed to get through today..

My cousin’s baby completed 40 days so she did this mawlid in her house, where they read Quran and qasaayid.. It was really something else.. I was impressed by the whole scene.. It was my first time to attend something like this.. I don’t mind going to another ones.. I really had fun..

After that I went to the movies with my friend muffin.. The movie sucked big time.. It was the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.. It’s called “Vanishing on 7th street”,, pathetic and a waste of time.. But what mattered most is the company.. I had fun with her and it was a nice change of routine.

Now I am waiting for Arab Idol, not that I love the show, but it’s something me and mom love to
Watch together, so now I am having myself some “mommy and me time” hehe..

This was a perfect day and tomorrow is Saturday where I know I’ll be cranky unless someone sends me a nice Saturday voice note :p

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blah Day

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 5
I slept yesterday by 10pm.. And I was VERY late going to work today.. Its not that I couldn’t wake up, its more like I refused.. I was in the state of awake and sleeping.. I had very weird dreams that started with an instructor and ended with me married to some guy I don’t know.. and how did I get married, it was just like that, why don’t you marry him, sure why not. We didn’t even spend time together.

Now the funny thing is, I’ve been sleeping early this week, by 8pm at times I am long asleep, and I do sleep deeply, I wake up the next day at 6pm (with alarm). So it means I am getting enough rest but my body somehow is VERY BROKEN and EXTREMELY tired, that at work I go and have a nap!!

I am not liking this and I feel I am not normal and something is wrong with me..

At work, I do the morning job and I don’t feel like doing the other tasks which now has been pending for over a month lol..

I need to get my act together..

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