Saturday, September 27, 2008

Balloons and Hairs!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008
I was talking to my friend "Woody" and we came across a childhood game that we used to play. Its when you take the balloon and you rub it in your hair then you stick it to the wall.. How naive yet happy we were *drifts back to those days*

Anyways, so as we talked about it, i was telling her, not everyone could do that, just coz you have soft hair maybe you could, but us with "e7im" hard hair, it was a bit difficult. She did not understand how i couldn't do it.. so i had to draw it for her..

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LoooooooooooooooL 3ad m hair hehehehe


LOL.. what to do man!!


Whenever I recall our talk I burst out laughing imagining the balloon being trapped in bushes of thick hair!! Btw ur drawing is a piece of art :)


HA HA HA !! Loomie, i didnt know that you're such an artist ;) .. i'm re-naming u to loomie-asso as in picasso lol ...

la la another reason why not everyone can do that is, U KNOW, people like me have issues with ballons so LOW TEMOTEEN mara7 a76 a freakin ballon next to my head .. ARE U FREAKIN KIDDING ME :P lol

sexy lips

@ the begining i was saying yaa saalaaam 3aad maa conversatation between stand alone and woody ,,, y7leely ana these days am left out or have no clue of what's going on till some one inform me..

can u believe that i have never heard about this b4 :P i would like to try it 9araa7aa but not sure which category will i fall into :P:P:P
but honestly i burst in laughing too when i saw the illustration drawn by u Stand alone :) mashallah you could pass for a comic artist ;)
dont lose this skill dear....

P.S am still z3laanaa mnkum :P:P


Sexy Lips, i cant believe you have never did the balloon thing when you were young,, *takes notes: make her do the ballon thing sometime REALLY soon* :D

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