Monday, September 29, 2008

Abbaya Crisis

Monday, September 29, 2008
THEY RUINED MY ABBAYA!!!! Seriously… You took the perfect measurements.. is it so much to ask when I just say, make it EXACTLY like this one??!!! Why do you have to go and change accordingly to what you like?

ARRGGGHHH… Amazing is the mind of some people..!!

What happened to work ethics and efficiency?

*Updated* So i guess i was over stressed and exhausted, and when i tried my Abbaya i felt like it was the end of the world.. Guess what, it was very minor things and my Abbaya is PERFECT LOL.. *does my happy dance*.. Mission--Solved :P

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To be honest I was planning to “atms5ar 3lyki” but I have just tried my new Abbaya and…I hate it

Sexy Lips

lool it seems klna fl hawa sawaa...

3aaady mashy 7aalkum... this is the result of last minute work . com



LOOOOL... wallah 7ala.. well, now i am happy :)
i am not alone after all :P

Plus, My abbaya issue is solved!!


Is it the one you were wearing last night? cuz that was a real turn off :P KIDDDDDDDDDIN!

baby you should be like me ... I give my measurements to muff and she does her magic ... my philosophy is "dont waste your energy on something that others will enjoy" and I mean lookin atttttt ittttt


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