Saturday, March 9, 2013

Its been so long..

Saturday, March 9, 2013
*dusts my blog, uses pledge and glass cleaner, puts some oud and bahkoor*

There now my blog looks presentable and approachable hehehe...

Its been FOREVER since i last posted (last post was Oct 2012).. I cant believe its been that long. I always say i will get back to writing (and i do miss writing) but i feel that i lost my mojo along the way. With my marriage and divorce and my mental status and work and baking business and the family i feel that i don't have time.. Well i believe i do have time but i am not organizing my thoughts or my time properly..

Recently i changed my job description and i do feel lost yet i feel i am accomplishing something.. hahaha weird i know i am just awesome like that :p

sometimes before i drift to sleep i get so many thoughts or things i wanna blog and say and the moment i sleep and wake up i forget about it and the day just takes me away..

So i am hoping this will be a start of many more posts, if not then i will officially retire lol.

I feel OLD!

2 Voices:

your doctor

*brings you a pot with flowers and put it in the corner of your blog * welcome home
you will NOT retire !!!!! now, sit.. and STAY !!


My Doctor LOOL!! AWW thankx for the flowers :D

Inshallah i wont,, to many more post :)

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