Monday, March 11, 2013

How bored am i at work?

Monday, March 11, 2013
I wont say i am bored at work, i actually have lots to do.. well the 2011 i was bored and the routine was killing me and in 2012 i got an interesting job but i had lots of free time i guess and i developed the habit of watching TV series at work..

So in the course of a year, at work i managed to see:
1. According to Jim 1 Season
2. Hope and Faith 3 Seasons
3. Two and Half Men 9 Seasons
4. Torchwood 4 Season
5. White Collar 4 Seasons
6. Arrested Development 3 Seasons
7. Its always sunny in Philadelphia Seasons (4,5 and 6)
8. Reaper 2 Seasons
9. The King of Queens 9 Seasons
10 Caprica 1 Season

All together its almost 490 episodes i've watched all together at work lol..

And its time to go HOME..

Catchya all later :D

2 Voices:

Mean B

OMG STANDY. i think i should do the same thing when i get board at work.

Mean B

OMG STANDY. all that just from being board.

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