Monday, October 22, 2012

I am Stronger..

Monday, October 22, 2012
I am Stronger, wiser and hmm less melodramatic.. hehe.. It’s been ages since i felt good.. I never knew life can leave a deep scar.. A scar that is reminder of the battles that i have been through. Doesn’t matter if you won or lost, but the fact that you have learned from it is all what matters..

I hated the phase that i was in from 2010- Mid 2012.. It was ugly and life wasn’t so kind to me.. I believe once you get the peace of mind, and you realize what is important and what is not, you get your life back into its perspective..

I have lost so many friends and i discovered the many masks that people wear.. In the process i also lost myself..

Lesson learned.. Does it mean i will be able to solve it when i face it again??? Doubtful but i know i will be much better at tackling it this time J

So life has never been better, i went to Zanzibar with my childhood friend and we had a blast.. it was fun fun fun..

My next trip is going to be Canada Inshallah..

Oh i have 2 more months till i open my money box.. who wants to bet how much did i save  :P

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im just so happy for you

No identity..

I am happy for you... keep it up and for sure, what dose not kill you indeed make you stronger... love you a bunch and wish u a great trip to canada... xoxo

Your Voice of Wisdom

Hey girl, your bestest (if that word is even legal, lol) times are yet to come..

So cheer up and have a blast!!

Your Voice of Wisdom

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