Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Money Box + Hoody

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So I’ve been nagging a lot that I want a 1000 rials omani and I still do.. And to show support, My Doctor sent me a “Money Box” and DEMANDED I start saving.. So much for give me the money Doc!!!

I was excited when I received it, that I started putting money in, I have stopped now and I am thinking to go to city center and start begging people.. and tell them I have a dream and only you can make it come true..

Or maybe I should sing in a corner and entertain people and then they will give me money.. wait wait wait, why am I even WORKING for the money lol.. I want it easy, I shouldn’t have to save for it..

Now I have the perfect idea.. Anyone who wants to meet me is requested to deposited 5 rials in my money box :D (Rummy, you heard :P, same goes to you Vain)

Haha so yeah, that is the deal from now own..

I’ve been dying to get a superman hoody and as a gift from Canada my doctor got me one :D
Sooo cuutee.. I am so in love with my hoody \o/ YAY!!

3 Voices:


LOL really Standy? Really?! You crazy witch!
I have a better idea to make easy money, I'll tell you all about it when I see you but you'll have to pay me 50 rials a small fee for my brilliant idea that will make you my dear filthy rich! ;)

Mean B

i have to know who is that who youcall MY DOCTOR. second better go to city and put a sign board while wearing urs superman hoody and say with your help i can save the world.


Lool! Love ur Hoody ;p So now ur saving up, and u wants us to pitch in.. ni3tibrha "9adaq" wla shnu ya Standy?! lol ;p

I'll be on board if u plan on singing in a corner..a9eer raddadah may5alif ;p

If what Vain has in mind, is what I have in mind... Then the big share goes to me ;p

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