Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012 Resolution

Sunday, March 11, 2012
1. Get my divorce (Done)

2. Change my job (Done)

3. Loose 15kg (Lost 7 so far)

Start building my house (finalizing the sketch now)

Save 1000 Rials (since no one wants to give me. I’ve been begging for 3 years now and NOT ONE SOUL wants to give me my 1000 rials! )

6. Talk more Arabic and less English (which my doctor is such a supporter and now she is also doing this with me)

7. Read at least 2 books

8. Engage more with my friends and have more gatherings. (Plan a girls party, a karaoke night, attend a concert, a stand up comedy show and have a movie day)

9. Cancel resolution no.5 and wait for someone to give me a thousand rials no string attached.

10. Corrupt and spoil my nephew to the maximum and then let his parents deal with him lool

11. Make 1 person smile each day :)

12. Make a plan that by end of this year I can jog 5K

15 Voices:


Aww Babes, allah y3aw'6ej 5air inshallah and keep on to finish the rest of your resolutions ! and you can do it for sure :*


I hope you live your life to the max and live your life. You only live once, and yeah I'm waiting for the invitations of them gal days out!

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Oh honey that news made me really sad. Allah y3awthech insha2 Allah belle a7san minah if you still believe in marriage and if not, well the world is your oyster! You are now free to be the queen!

Now Karaoke ha? I've always wanted to have a Karoake night! 7safa lo ybe3oon Karaoke machine bel Kuwait chan sawait.ha :p 3ndokom eb 3man?


ok 3allaq your comment form! madry shfeeh mo rathe y7e6 my comment!

Just in case you didn't get it, all I want to say is eb9ara7a? Its the ex's loss, BIG TIME! You are quirky, funny, loving, and caring and mako mithlich 2! O the cancer women make the best -and craziest, fun crazy- wives ever :p not a boring moment with you! Life is good and you deserve the best there is. Don't settle for anything less!

♥●• İzdihër •●♥

Standy if you are happy hen I am happy.

Sweetheart Diary

You already lost 7 kgs! Wow and How? Tell me, I am gaining a lot of weight.


Divorced?! What happened!! I missed out so many things here! As long as your happy, I will always support you babe! Oh ya Spongebob love you always and oh Patrick too!

NewQ8 Bride

Dear , you are a strong woman , keep going and reach you goals wish u all the best :*


LadyB: Ameen ya rab :*
thank you *hugs*

Rummy: AMen to that sister!!! dont worry, girls night will soon come :D

Danderma: aww walah you made me so happy with your commenet.. finally someone gets it, i am not agsint marriage but i dont want anything for now...
I just want to recover,, as you said, i wont settle for less.. and i agree its his loss, i lost nothing by getting rid of him :D

Ameen ya rab,, allah yesma3 minik..

we dont have a karoke machine but we use the xbox or PS3 or sometimes, recorded melody on a CD with printed lyrics lool.. we get creative :p

But i think i should buy a karoke machine :p

İzdihër i am happy darlnig :D so i guess that makes bother of us happy ;)

Sweetheart Diary: i eat less, i stopped drinking fizzy drinks.. i try to drink more water and that is it.. avoid snacks :p

Cate Joubran: looooool you should have sseen that on facebook i just updated my status :D

Life happened but i guess i am happy now :D

hahaha @ the spongbob remark.. missing you!!

NewQ8 Bride: Thank you 7abibity,, i really appricaite what you said.. isnhallah ameen ya rab.. all of us we will reach our goals..

Fastidious Babe

aaahhhh im working on my resolutions too.. seems like 2012 will be a big one!

good luck with it all! loving them honestly xoxo FB


I'm not gonna say sorry for the divorce coz lets face it, its his loss not yours.. I don't know you that well but from what i've seen so far you are a great person and I truly wish you all the best and hope you accomplish all the things your heart desire :)

Oh as for number 11.. you managed to do that 2 days in a row for me so keep your emails on daily basis and you can cross it out off your list ;p

live your life to the max girl and enjoy every bit of it



Every event is a learning experience and enshallah you'll be given something better. In the mean time, do your thing girlll ;)


1 sucks, really sucks. But 12's awesome, you got me smiling just by reading it! :D Why the 1000 though?


Fastidious Babe: OMG weeenik min zamaaaan *hugs*
missed you tons:*
hope this means you are back to posting and bloging..

all the best with your reselutions.. cant wait to read them :D

Yupe, so far 2012 is rockin :D

Have i told you latley that 'i love you'??

haha you are AWESOME :D

Thank you for your sweet words:*

Leilana:i agree.. i learned alot from this :)

thank you girl *hugs*

r.alsharif: dont worry about no.1, tara its all for the best and life is great :D

as for no.12, hehe i hope i can make it.. all i need to do is get to start and inshallah khair :p

why 1000 Rials? i donno, its a dream that has been haunting me.. i want cash just like that lool..

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