Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ramadan Food..

Saturday, August 27, 2011
Girls indeed do cook in Ramadan.. The Fun Girls Group in the BB decided to show off with their cooking skill this year.. Everyday other day before Maghreb, someone would post a food they made from Scratch.. I should open a resturant and hire all of them as my chef =p

Green Banana (Made By Sam)

Final Out Come...

Biryani (Made By Sam)

Luqaymat Al Qathi (Made By Sam)

Tomatoe Soup (Made By My Doctor Tomeh)

Coconut Fist Curry (Made By Sam)

Seafood Sauce (Made By Sam)

Chicken Bread (Made By Um Aryaam)

Hotdog Stuff Bread (Made By Thuthu) Mashallah first time she actually bakes and she nailed it..

Baked Mandazi (Made By Um Aryaam)

"Samaki wa kupaka" Coconut Fish (Made By Nusy's Dad)

Chicken Bread (Made By Blue)

"Asabi3 Zainab" Cheese Fingers (Made By No Identity)

Salad (Made By No Identity)

Friut Salad in a Watermelon (Made By Saby's Siblings)

Lemon Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy (Made By My Sister)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie (Made By ME)

Masala Chicken (Made By Um Aryaam)

Gulab Jamun (Made By My Sister)

Mini Cheese and Olive Samboosa (Made By Um Aryaam)

Chocolate Cake (Made By Saby)

Cherry Cheese Cake (Made By Blue) or as she called it "Pink Cheese Cake"

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No identity..

Oh my god... Looks familiar and yammmi...
So we I am waiting for ur ma63am for my new job ;-) ...


I want the seafood souse recipe . . . yo3anaaaa :S

Mean B



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♥●• Izdiher·•●♥

Yummyyyy yummyyyy .every food is mouth watering .

Chick Flick Journal

the food looks soo good! eid mubarak love xx sorry for being late


i want that fruit salad in watermelon!


Toomzie: one melon fruit salad coming right up!!!

where is the address :p ???

Um Aryaam

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i love my fun group, sa7 WE WERE ALL SOOO CREATIVE, but it was so much fun walah hehehehe. Nice

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