Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Al7amdulliah.. Today is a day that I will mark in my calendar.. I was stressfed for the past week or so but now al7amdulliah everything is working out fine.. A huge weight has been lifted off my back..

Now I pray to Allah that whatever is good and khair for me to bring it my way..

Inshallah the same way this weight has been lifted off me, I wish the same to you my dear readers.. Ameen..

I wish you a peaceful weekend and a happy one..

Al7amdulliah… Allah is never too far when you need him..

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Butterfly Chick

al7amdella.. I'm happy cuz ur happy ^^..

alf 7amd oo shker lak yarab :)


you didn't discuss about from what you are relieved ??

Gold Medal Ribbon

il7imdillaaah o ameeeeen allah yesma3 minich 7abeebtiii!!;** i know the feeling! i miss it! o inshallah ill feel it sooon...


el7amdulilah :) allah yektb lich el5air sis


al7mdellah,, hope you're always happy sweetheart

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥

ELHUMD ALLAH .I am so glad for you, sister that you are stress free now.Every thing be fine with you in future as wel,amin.Incha' Allah .
Have a good day ..

Mean B

al hamdolelah. 3oqbali

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