Sunday, July 17, 2011


Sunday, July 17, 2011
Firs of all i wanna wish my birthday twin DANDERMA.. Many Happy returns of the day and may allah give you and bless in everything you do o inshallah yen3ad 3aleeki hal sana bialf khair o salama..

I wish to accomplish half of what you did when i reach 30 =D

Happy Birthday Dande =)

Now we go to ME =D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY POOR SOUL.. May all my expensive friends feels sorry for me and shower me with expensive gifts and money =p (3an el 7asad o qoolo ameen) 3asa the fake ones remember me too =p

I am wishing myself a great year ahead and inshallah all what i have in mind will come true.. SAY AMEEEEN...

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now how would i forget the birthday of my crazy beautiful fat Omani fake friend?! lol

Happyyyyy Birthdaaaaaay Loooomie, Love u :****


Happy birthday Danderma and Standy and many many happy returns!

Mean B

kel sana we inte bekheer. and is your wish include me to be rich or get a rich husband. or go on a cruize . then yes a BIG AMEEEN but if not ....lool me joking if its khair for you inshalah yet7aqaq

Butterfly Chick

Happy belated birthday my dear :)

ameeeeeeeen.. may all ur wishes come true inshalla

hope you enjoyed it :)

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥

Happy birthday Danderma and Standy !


Thank you all for your wishes and greetings =D

*hugs* to all..

Chick Flick Journal

happy birthday to her! cool blog btw. very cute nephew mashAllah


Chick Flick Journal: thank you so much,, min thooqish :*

im glad you liked my blog *hugs*

Gold Medal Ribbon

Happrrrrry birthdaaaaaay 7abeeeeeebtiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!;********* o 3oqbaaaaaal il 1000000000 sena inshallaaaaaaah;***
o allah ewafgich ya raaaab;**

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