Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Laugh..

Sunday, March 20, 2011
I have noticed now for about 2 weeks that I have a new retarded laugh and somehow it is bothering me and I cant control it..

I donno what made me change my laugh or what made my mind think that this is a cool, hip, amazing, nice, gorgeous, feminine, lovable, receiving, caring, giving and sharing laugh!!!

2 weeks ago, I was like WTF! What is the noise??? Only to realize it was MY LAUGH!!

Now if I go back 5 years ago when I was in college studying, I did have a trend of changing my laugh but it was for fun just to mess with my friends and somehow I would change my laugh lool.. Funny as it sounds the new laugh would stick!!

Now now, aish eli jaaaab this new laugh I have no idea.. How did it start.. I DONNO..

None of my current friends/family realized my new laugh but I did.. I would have uploaded my laugh but “the voice of a woman is a sin” LOOL!!

Now this is a question for you guys, do you get influence by a certain laugh that you automatically pick it up or is your laugh a signature laugh that no one has but you??

I don’t pick up laughs but somehow my laugh has a mind of its own and it changes 3ala keefoo :/

10 Voices:


I have no idea but I for sure will be noticing my laughs if thy ever change.

I need to hear that laugh of yours =p


Rummy LOOOL!! you really don wanna hear it!!!

I need to change it before i meet you loool


i have a very loud n noisy laugh which annoys my family but ever since i got married i kept it hidden smwhere! god knows when will it come out but im sure it will shock my husband hahahaha :)

as long as nobody is affected by it then its fine ;Pp

The Sister!

I believe I have a somehow unique laugh, cause sometimes i call my friends from a different number and start talking to them and they wouldn't know who I am but once I laugh they immediatly recognise me :)

Your voice of wisdom

I am waiting to hear that new laugh.. needs some laughs in my sad life, right now..even a retarded onew would do..LOLLLL

Mean B

yo thats a sign you should go back to your pills woman. it seems marriege didnt cure your cucuness.

Bint ilKuwait

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Ahahahahaha!! bil3aks enjoy it loooooooool im sure it will change again!;p

Smart CoOKie

The years have taught me not to make fun of others laughs cuz then I'll laugh like them. Me won't make fun of you :P

Um Aryaam

HA HA HA I need to hear this new laugh hehehee,,,,
I love your laugh it comes from the heart so I hope this one does too :)


swera loooool.. i hope hubbby gets to hear it really soon and give you the WTF face loooool..

The Sister! you sometimes have an infectionest laugh were we all would laugh at the laugh that you are laughing lool =p

Your voice of wisdom: loool.. now that you are waiting for it, it wont come, but since you need someitng to cheer you up, one retarded laugh coming right up =p

Mean B: LOOOOOOL!! i think with or without pills my cucuness is here to stay for LIFE!

Bint ilKuwait: LOOOOOOL!! i do hope it changes soon but i also hope is changes to something better =p

Smart CoOKie: LOOOOOOOL!!! OMG,, LOOL.. uhh will you get it even if you NEVER heard it??? now that is something looool

But i agree,, you shouldnt laugh at my retarded laugh!

Um Aryaam: LOOOL!! i think this laugh comes from sowmehere else and not the heart =p

awww thank you.. i do believe sometimes i haev a nice warm laugh =)

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