Monday, March 7, 2011


Monday, March 7, 2011
It’s been ages since I last wrote in/on my dusted blog… Not sure why I stopped.. I have lots of stuff to share.. and give and receive and its all about caring and sharing and giving and receiving because when you give in life and share you get to care and receive and that is what life is all about..

One thing I know that work is killing me.. I am behind in doing my tasks for various reasons:
1. I sometimes think I hate my job..
2. I don’t like what I do..
3. I don’t feel challenged..
4. It got VERY boring and repetitive..
5. Facebooking is an addiction at work which I might add is not helping in terms of actually doing the work..
6. I invented games in facebook and its fun (at least I can be creative there)..
7. I cant deal with difficult people..
8. Somehow my idea’s are not appreciated..
9. Solving a problem and making the best of the situation is never seen as a good thing..
10. Screwing up and using the net, now that is what bosses like to talk about!!
11. Weekend duties which means I work 7 days a week and I have to wake up in the weekends at 7 to start work at 8 and finish at 11!!
12. Some how the duty pay is not worth it.. Somehow I say..

Lets talk for a second about the social life that I have.. Hmm.. The only communication I have with people is during:
a- lunch hour where I go out with my friends or husband..
b- When people are replying me when playing my facebook game lool.. (mom tells me I should charge them lool)..

by 7:30 I am already exhausted and I want to sleep!!
And that statement also falls during the weekend!!

I like today.. I have lots of thing but I am ignoring.. Aren’t I GREAT =p

Oh and my appraisal last year was BARLEY in the line of good work!!

I just remembered that I have:
* 3000 emails to go through and save the data..
* 400 or so image files to re-name and upload..
* 2 positional accounts to sort and delete..

Now I’m depressed! …

P.s This post is specially dedicated to Mean B..

5 Voices:

Mean B

OMG!! a special post just for MOI .. oh i am touched. yaah there are lots of dust around your blog.
its good at lest to know what you have been doing all this time.
regarding being depressed i was for a very long time that i was thinking cuisidle but suddnely it all gone since no one bothered to ask. nice to have you back


Like finally it's good to see you post..!! You should take a break and find something to do, maybe being self employed would be great for you ;)

Hope you get better soon *hugs* and oh btw add me on fb ;)


I was waiting for u to post smth and i end up reading THIS!!!! woman, u need to take a break! just skip work (be6agag) take a week off n just travel! :D

Bint ilKuwait

Welcooooome baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!;* missss uuuuuu!!:( wallah 3ithartich (Ya3ni ma kint 3athritich be4:p) cuz what ur dealing with especially at work ..il9ara7a madri shagolich cuz i don't work.. bes at least u have the right to take a break take a month break and go travel relax ..u deserve it!;)



see how much i love you =)
glad to see you are ok and hopefully i wil be too =)

Rummy: I did take a break and now i am back to this!!!

i should totally be self employed =p

swera: looool.. i should totoally travel bas i am waiting for extra cash theni will do that =p


LOOOOL! al7admuallah i am off the hoook =p

i miss you tooo although i am following you in blog and on twitter =D

will plan an off sometime real soon =D

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