Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 Resolution

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Since I didn’t have a 2010 resolution I really didn’t live by any rules.. As a result i:
1. Gained 10 kgs
2. Lost focus in work
3. Didn’t have priorities
4. Didn’t have saving
5. Lived the day as it came and that resulted in my being depressed, lost and donno what the hell I am doing!!

So I decided to start this year with a nice easy to do resolution…

For 2011:
1. Smile more
2. Be more forgiving
3. Focus in my work
4. Lose weight
5. Save 1000 Rials (since no one wants to give me. I’ve been begging for 2 years now and NOT ONE SOUL wants to give me my 1000 rials! And the mahar money doesn’t count thank you very much!!!)
6. Travel to a country that I have never been to!
7. Talk more Arabic and less English (which my doctor hates and doesn’t support me in this madri why)
8. Read at least 3 books
9. Engage more with my friends and have more gatherings

10. Cancel resolution no.5 and wait for someone to give me a thousand rials no string attached

11. Tweet at least once a day..
12. Find my fake friend a new obsession!
13. Blog More!!
14. Keep on obsessing about the 1000 Omani Rial and maybe someone from Kuwait will donate it to me since they have given 1000 Kuwaiti Dinar from their government..

That is all for now =)

10 Voices:

Mean B

i soo support you in engage more with friends. you should also add be nicer to Mean B . and i soo wana travel to may countries that i never went to for exampl EUROPE maldives and USA.


Eshsalfat your 1000 rials?! Why are you begging for 2 years?! Awal marra asm3 eb hal salfa :D

cham el 1000 rials in USD?

7asafa you gained 10 Kilos! Bs 3adi tra awal senna zwaj you must gain wain min il akel o el bal3a el zayda especially when you live with a man and they tend to eat quite differently from us therefore a direct cause for us to gain weight :S

when i got married i gained about 11-13 kilos!!! I had finally lost them after 6 years and now i am trying to get lose my started work sitting in a desk after college weight!

Bint ilKuwait

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I Think i think..im not really sure that num 14. revolves me!!:D Hehee if u find my Blog page "Not Found" for sure that im sick or busy doing something LOOOOOOOOOOL but don't worry ill e back, its just temporary thing:P

Maqsood Qureshi

Cool. Stick to 'em. You're so gullible and cute. LOL


I love engage with more friends and smile more resolutions. You should include meet up with Rummy since we live in the same country =p

Hope you keep up with them and 3asa you get the 1000 rials ;)


who's ur fake friend and why do u want to find for her a new obsession?! i mean it's her obsession, so why is it bothering u?! unless she's bothering u with it right? u should tell her that she's annoying u if she is :Pp

keep begging darling, eventually it will come neyahahahahaha :D


Ya deee hal 1000kd!! Olaah mashala isalfa w9alat lay oman?! Hehe 3asa ma i9eer feena shay mn 3yoon il awadm, ma tswa 3alayna hal 1000...


Mean B: LOL!! aham shay your ma9la7a in this.. if you are pragnet i will be nicer to you =p

yeah i am planning to visit europe this time inshallah..i've been to maldives and USA so it should be something else this time.. will see how =)

Danderma: WEEENIK 3AANNII.. lool.. its been FOREVER since i started obsessing about this 1000 Rials loool.. you know they say ask and you shall recieve.. so i am hoping =D

1000 Rials in USD is around 2600

El mushkila i used to eat before bas i was doing sports,,, min tizawajt i stopped working out and it all went down the dain lool

Bas ana i agree with you, living with a man makes you fatter coz their eating habbits are something else..

Ana now i am as FAT as i was when i was in college =S
its not a pretty sight i tell you!!

Bint ilKuwait: LOOOOL..HAHAHAHA.. i didnt say ANYTHING looool.. eli 3ala ra9u reeeesha yet7asas-ha loooooool...

3ad when you come back wil you still be "bint ilkuwait" or "mi7asha min standy"???? LOOOL

Maqsood Qureshi: THANK YOU =D
Your such a gentelman =)

Rummy: Inshallah, you will be added to my reselution list.. bas 3aad dont be an expensive friend or leech on me when i get my 1000 o 3an el 7asad =p

swera: wa seemahum fi wujuhihum!!! my fake friend knows her self and noo need to say more lool =p

Lala: LOOOL!! la la 3aleekum bil3afiya with your 1000 i am just praying that i get mine soon ;)


Afa 3aleech, me no expensive friend ;)


Alaaah yarzigich inshala..

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