Saturday, November 13, 2010


Saturday, November 13, 2010
"A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.. The medicine go down.. The medicine go down.. A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.. "

I woke up today with this song in mind.. Its from “Mary Poppins” one of my favourite childhood movie.. I never got tired watching it..

Since I got married and I cant seem to stick to a plan.. Nothing works and things keeps on changing.. I miss my routine days.. The times that I manage to get home by 4:30-5pm is a blessing otherwise I know I am not back before 6 or 7 which sucks!! As it is I wake up 5:30am!!

Weekends are not so great either these days.. IF I am not invited for a wedding or a gathering or a lunch or something, I have to be a Cinderella and start cleaning the house and cooking and its not so great.. I don’t mind cooking, I enjoy it, it’s the cleaning that I hate.. Its takes too much time!!! By the time i finish its already end of the day and i feel like it was a working day and then friday comes and BAAAAAM is saturay again =s

Work, I feel like sleeping when I am at work.. not from the lack of work, just because I feel exhausted and tired.. I can’t say I enjoy my work but I manage =)

I am currently reading a book called “getting things done” by David Allen.. Its very interesting and so far it pointed out so many things that I used to do wrong. Hopefully this will make me more efficient and organize in my life..

One thing I am happy about is that I am semi back to doing sports. I joined the basketball girls and sometimes we play football so its all good.. Trying to diet but hehe aint working so I try to eat less and maybe balance my food..

Today is Saturday but somehow I don’t mind it coz tomorrow is the last day working lool..

Its almost end of the year.. Cant believe how this year passed so fast..

Have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Day =)

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Bonjour Lady :) how is the last day of work going?

I remember my 2 best friends when they got married, they couldnt even talk on the phone coz they were either cleaning or cooking or going to visit their in laws! :)

hope u'll get things under control soon & Eid Mubarak :*


I remember i always bragged about pronouncing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, I failed dramatically at spelling it though. Thanks for clearing that up! Though google chrome still insists the word doesn't exist.

Bint ilKuwait

loooooooooooooooooool ulaaaaaaa sh6ool ilkilma! inshallah mu 6ool eedi il kilma allah ehdahum khali9at il a7rif! hehe:P ok wayed 3a6ait il kilma ehtimam..ilmohim..:D

Jad jad allah e3eenichh! ok soa'al laish ma etyebeen a maid to do all the cleaning why suffering alone?!

o ee 9a7 kalamich ilayam ga3da et6eer ebser3aa!!;s

3edich mbarak;*

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