Saturday, November 20, 2010

5 Days later!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010
Exactly 5 days was the off of Eid.. Monday to Friday.. It was VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY yes I am stressing on VERY to show you how VERY SHORT it was.. Honestly, it wasn’t enough.. And today is SATURDAY!! But when is enough really enough?? Nothing seems to be enough to anyone anyways lool..

So Eid was hmm.. Not bad I can say but not very organized from my side. This is the first Eid I have spent here since I got married.. So you understand how different it is.. Last Eid I flied my way out of Oman and went to Zanzibar.. Hmm speaking of Zanzibar, I need to post some pics.. hehe.. Will do that later!

So first day Eid, left home by 9am got back home at 5pm and visited only 5 houses!! It was a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY yes stressing on how it was a VERY LONG day!! At night I didn’t want to see the sight of outside so I camped inside =p

Second day we ignored everyone and everything, me hubby decided to make it our day and we went out for lunch, then to the movies, then visited my and his parents then it was home sweet home…

Third day, it was “sheewa day” hehe.. Having the meat that was cooked underground at his parents place, so that was nice and we also managed to squeeze another 4 houses to greet on this day..

And surprise surprise the last day was Yesterday, I decided to do NOTHING at all.. So I just cooked and watching my series and a movie!

The things that made me happy in these past 5 days are:

1.My brother is here for end of the semester break, so that was exciting for me, as he’s abroad studying. I already told him to come and play PS3 with me hehehe..

2.My husband managed to pamper me to the max which was a very relaxing and much needed thing.

3.Had a great talk with My Doctor and all I can say is that my spirit is “rejuvenated” LOL =p

4.Watching a movie with Swera on yesterday. Although the movie sucked BIG TIME, it was fun watching it with her and we made it interesting. Thank you Sewra for an amazing “movie date” ;)

The movie was called “Harsh Times” it was more like “Wasting Our Times”.. I am not recommending it to ANYONE! Seriously, the movie had no story or moral to teach you..

Standy, Over and Out!

6 Voices:

Mean B

good for you


hahaha I was reading ur post and later, allaaaah it's my name :D wallah the movie is *peep* big time bs we managed to enjoy it haaa?! i had great great great fun watching it with u LOL :)

and YES i want to see sm pix of Zenzibaaaaaar pweeeezzzzz

Bint ilKuwait

loooooooooooooooooooooooooool zaaain tesawooooon;**


i need a vacation from the holiday *sniff*

Smart CoOKie

Happy Eid xoxo


Mean B: lol.. thank you =p

swera: ee the movie was a huge faliure, we should totally be movie criticts =p
i had an amazing time =*
thank you..

pics inshallah coming up inmy next post =D

Bint ilKuwait: hehehehe =p

zuz: ALLLAH!! me too =(
i need off from the off itself!
that would be so cool!!

Smart CoOKie: thank you =D
hope you had a great one too *hugs*

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