Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jargon much?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
They always say when are using technology, especially in chatting, you should keep up with its shortcuts and famous words.. For example, if I say LOL” you know I mean “Lots of Laugh” or Laughs Out Loud” However you interpret that its ok, coz it still refers to what I mean..

Now when I say something like GM (Good Morning) and you go saying (General Manager) you should know that you are too invested in your work and your brains cells are beyond damaged..

Now let me give you LIVE examples of people who are with me in my BBM list..

A Med Student
It was after 12pm and this is what the conversation went:
Standy: GA ( I was in a hurry, so I didn’t fully write GOOD AFTERNOON)
Med Student:?????
Med Student: General Anaesthesia?
Standy: 0.o

A Marketer
Her DISPLAY PICTURE was changing like every 5 seconds so I go like:
Standy: what is up with you dp?
Marketer: ?????
Marketer: Distribution Point?
Standy: o.O

A Banker
She stole a picture from Mean B and made it as her DISPLAY PICTURE:
Standy: lool @ ur dp
Banker: dp ???
Banker: Diposal?
Standy: 0.0

Now back to the med student, I had to test this DP thing.
Standy: whats up with your dp?
Med Student: shfeeha?
Standy: do you know what dp means?
Med Student: display pic? (shaka, she ain't sure ya3ni)
Standy: Are you sure its not a medical thing?
Med Student: Dopamine?
Standy: x.x

You guys need a break!!

11 Voices:

Ur voice of wisdom

Standy.. what do you think people in PEDM will reply to 'dp'.. most likely.."Data Package" LOL

M7md Ghazi

I think in few years this is gonna be a course to study :P heheh


i probably shouldn comment on that! :D

interesting observation though :D


lol i got GM as General Manager. but at least i know DP :p


OMG this is hilarious

Mean B

what the hell does dopamine mean?

Journal Entries

to be honest i didn't know what GA was ;p


great post thanks

Bint ilKuwait

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL laaaaa la e9eroon chithiiiiiiii gilnaa ti6awrna bes ma no9al chidi :P



you got them smarties!

Ex-clamation Mark

Hilarious. <3

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