Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday AGAIN?

Saturday, April 3, 2010
WHY WHY WHY WHY????? Laish ya3ni Saturday has to come and ruin my weekend mood??? WHY??? I demand an answer..

You know, I think they should change Saturday and call is “Happy Day” at least we start our day with
1) A nice name
2) A lifted spirit

Or you know better yet,, just cancel Saturday from the weekdays yekoon a7san.. No need for Saturday.. Ba3deen what kind of a name is “Saturday” blaah.. Such a depressing day with a horrible name..

I don’t think I will ever get over my hate for Saturdays..

Saturdays sucks!!!

And my fingers are freezing… All the A/Cs in the office are set on 16 degrees and I am feeling so cold and no one cares and I BLOODY HATE SATURDAYS!!!

If Saturday was a man enough he would just disappear from my life,, BUT NOOOO Lazim 3inad.. Each bloody week it has to show its face to me..

*sobs* I hate Saturdays..

7 Voices:

Mean B

Look who is recist over here?!!

what do you have against it huh. you should be happy cause the boring crapy weekends ends and gives you a nice lovely day like today. wake up very early in the morning drive allt he way to work and see your crapy colleges and boss. get Froged up the hall day in boring meetings and presentations.

TO ME I AM FADE UP WITH ALL THE DAYS I NEED TO WIN 1 MILLION ro or at lest 100,000/- rails and i will be happy


or maybe happy saturday for happy thoughts ;p

Miss Dreamer

Standy, I think Saturday will always be there to frustrate the likes of us-people who hate Saturdays- all the more!!

Cheer up sweetie, It will soon pass:)



you work saturdays?! you are still on the old weekend system bu Thursday o Friday wella u only have one day weekend?!


I hate the ACs at work toooo!!!

It's so ANNOYINGLY freezing and there's the eternal fight between ladies and gents. I-hate-it!


Mean B: loool, i thought we are OVER the racisisim issue here lool..

i just dont like saturdays!!

the day you win the money, please dont forget your friend who stood by you =p

Amu: LOOL!! nice suggestion, but the word "saturday" depresses me so i'd rather if it didnt exsist =p

Miss Dreamer: looool.. more reason to team up and eliminate it =p

Danderma: yeah we are still on the old system, our week starts on saturdays =), only banks and some private sectors have the friday saturday holidays..

Stimulus: dont get me started on that,, its awhole issue by itself.. i jsut hate the "close, no open, its cold, no its hot" BBLLLAAAHHHH!!!

Financial Freedom

who called it saturday anyways?
wallah I remember when I was in school a stab in my heart with a knife or a bullet in my eye is a lot better than friday evenings .. now I just go 15 min late so I can feel better :P

and thank god that saturday is off for me :)

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