Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Note At Work

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
This note is placed in each door of the toilets over at my office..
I need you guys to read it and let me know what you think..
(please click to enlarge so that you can read it)

Is it rude?

I kinda have mixed feelings on it.. i need to know what are your views!

15 Voices:

C Me

Standy Between you and me....If you notice two of the toilets dont have this note only one has???????
Coze I tore the other two and threw it...I have been reading and seeing that everyday for the last 5 years..for crying out aloud....

I dont find anything wrong it in...The toilets used to be in such bad conditions sometimes..that even this message doesn't affect them...Ok listen we need to put up something new in the looo..Lets design it together....Hahahahah Mission next to the possible....

C Me

BTW I just did that like 2 days back and its so funny you put up this on ur blog today..so I know which toilet you have been visiting..Heheheheheh Hahahahahah


C ME: LOOOOOOL.. you are such a perv, and FYI, i took this pic like since last week or so.. wait

*goes to read the date this pic was taken*

which means it was almost a week back,, care to guess again which toilet i've been visiting looooool...

I totally agree with you.. something new should be hanged up in the toilet.. something relaxing ;)

C Me

OK so lets get to work soon...Ur creative with your words...I will add color to it....;-0


ha! this is the first time i've seen the word "vagina" used on a public notice!!

but in all honesty, if the bathroom is being left in such a mess, it's necessary to hang up a notice - but maybe not SUCH a blunt one.

Hopeless Poet

Someone should track the dirty ladies and hunt them down lol

And she misspelled the word vagina loooool

One can find such note on men's toilets but 1st time I see a very detailed one :P


lol vigina
bit row but enough is enough
it was probably necessary :P


ok first I was like naaah seems ok so what , then at the last part I'm like wtf Vigina !! how could you write that down :Pp


elesloob 7ada sooqi

oo ba3dain who leaves a maq9oora !

leave a simple note oo khalas

mo7athara kamla!

im all for cleanliness
bs elesloob isnt nice


Very detailed. So detailed that I hope it horrifies and shames them into keeping the washrooms clean.

Um Mit3ib

its hilarious;p

Two Bitter Democrats

Ha! That is hilarious, but slightly offensive. I like how she says that the office is full of "mature" ladies, and then goes on to write a very immature note. A truly mature person could have made that about 80% shorter, 100% more polite, and 120% more effective...That being said, I understand the frustration!!! Every woman should live by the rule "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be sweet and wipe the seat". That goes for flushing too!

Your American Sister


I thought the last line should be "please keep your viginal infection to yourself" loooool
yakhi awal mara asma3 fi vigina infection that can spread around to other viginas
if it was me i would write "can you not talk about my vigina you vigina worm >:( "

I bet she who wrote this is british or american cuz they are usually the rude ones


lol rude.. but sometimes necessary :P

Mean B

loooool shakloo she had enough and it hit the nerve.
i agree with manu, it seems its a forener and she is racest.

any way i hope that note worked this time. honestly when you go to public toilets men toilet are cleaner then woman's toilets. its true you will fine woman are very dirty. and you have to put the toilet clean as she said our vigege is sensitive and we really catch bactiria easly.

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