Monday, September 19, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

Monday, September 19, 2011

My lovely blogger izdiher and Crazy Ice Cream Girl aka "BINT ILKUWAIT" gave me “One Lovely Blog Award” and i am humbly receiving this gift.. Thank you so much girls..

So the deal is i have to write 7 things about me..

1. I dont like make up. PERIOD. eoshould give up in trying to make me wear make up lol (crazy ice cream girl, dont even comment on this)

2. I am not happy with how my job turned out to be. I need to change that.

3. I am a very shy person.

4. I have a weird sense of humor. Not everyone gets me and at many times i crack myself up. lol

5. I am blessed al7amdulliah with amazing friends, family members, bloggers, fake friends, expensive friends and i couldnt have asked for better people in my life.

6. I still want a thousand Omani Rials..

7. This is my favorite no. ;)

I forward this award to:
1.Um Aryam
2. Nusy
3. No Identity
4. Deema
5. Rummy
6. Swera

And to anyone who wants to do it :)

8 Voices:


lol you hate make up too <<<< thnx god i'm normal :P


Miya i believe it is VERY normal and we are the cool poeple for not putting make up ;)

-Fahad Naeem-

Every one screams that he/she is shy but eventually they don't turn that .. :P

Gold Medal Ribbon

WHAT!! you doooon't wear makeup?!!! like NEVER?!!

No identity..

Hey... I dont see you shy at allllll ;P


Fahad: LOOOL!! i agree but i do believe i am :p

Gold Medal Ribbon: LOOL.. now what did i say wrong for you to act like that?

I dont wear more than eye liner and lip gloss...

No identity: LOOL!!well coz you are my sister so akeeed you cant see that =p


Hun I* luuuuurve your sense of humor. It's a breath of fresh air, thanks for the tag *hugs*


Rummy: awwww <3 ur amazing :*


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