Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Expensive Friends..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Is there such a thing as an expensive friend?

I was chatting with my friend HTMCF (Hamda The Mini Cooper Freak) and i was telling her that I am sending her something..

Me: I am sending you something bas I am sorry that money value isn’t much put on the gift..
HTMCF: Money value never made a gift special, the value of the thought is what makes a gift special (yeah sometimes she can be such an wise guru)
Me: aww, now I know why you are my friend, but I want a 1000 Rials and expensive gifts..
HTMCF: hahahaha don’t be such an expensive friend!!

LOL!! EXPENSIVE FRIEND... but then it got me thinking and I came up with definition for an expensive friend..

An Expensive Friend is a friend who drains you out financially, doesn’t accept low budget gifts, doesn’t like to go to cheap restaurants and always brags about what they have and how much they got it for.. They are the people who suck you dry and leave you cold!!!

Can these people be nice people? I mean can they be good friends? Do you consider them good hearted friends??

I categorized expensive friends into 2 type;

The Show Off
These are the people who have it, know it, and shove it in your face!! I don’t think they make good friends as they are so fake and superficial..

The Sorta Genuine
These are the people, who have it, know it, but try to hide it and are sweet and considerate but sometimes el 3irq ye6la3 and you get an expensive brag from them.. They do make modest friends though..

Then you have the poor friends like me.. I want a thousand rials and I cant seem to get it.. Do you think if I made friends with expensive friends they will consider me as a charity case and give me 1000 Rials?

I NEED EXPENSIVE FRIENDS to use and abuse looool.. I don’t need expensive friends to use me.. As it is my poor friends are doing that job already!!

Anyone interested to take me as a charity case and adopt me as their expensive friend and pamper me like there is no tomorrow?

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hahahahahahahahaha.. I'd so adopt n pamper uu if I was such a rich in ur face kinda friend :p


i want to be adopted too :) LOL

yeah there r friends such like that bs jad allah y3eenhm 3la nfshom!

me n my firend smtimes we buy expensive gifts n smtimes not depending on the monthly budget and we always say that "hashar 7addi mfalsa, kefech 3ad hatha elli gedrt 3aleh" lol and its very genuine and spontaneous :)


bs tadren the best gift is making by our hands y3ni home made :D better than expensive stuff don't u think (A)


me wish to have one ;Pp here's my 1000 rials and gift me 3000 rials ok?(A)

Mean B

lool so you calling us poor huh. we may be poor on the pocket but rich in heart.
yeh there are some expinsive friends. cause for them to stay friends with you you will have to spend and spend ALOT for them to accept you and stick around.


H: loool dont i wish now if you kinda were =p

swera: looool.. see between friends its ok, that is different coz you know even if you pay a chocolate that cost you a penny they would really appriciate it =)

shoofy ana i will search for rich friends and you do that too, who ever get them, we will use and abuse them loool

t to be adopted too :) LOL

yeah there r friends such like that bs jad allah y3eenhm 3la nfshom!

Another-Penelope: i toatlly agree with that.. home made gifts are the best =)

so since that is what matters, you give me 1000 Rials and i will make you something to show my appriciation to you ;p

Mean B: have you ever given me something expensive? if no then yes i am calling you poooor =p


I despise bragfests. I think it is totally unnecessary to tell people what you have.

I've met people like that and let me just say if they give you a really expensive gift, consider it a curse, they'd want something similar in value back.

My sister got a gift for around 7000sr, and she's spending all her allowance on a come back gift. :S
She's an idiot. I told her just get her something nice and treasurable, but she didn't want to look poorer. LOL.

Anyways sure as hell, not giving anyone anything with that sort of value, I'm a mother and a wife, and I don't think running around handing gifts like that to people would make me a better person.
I think its the thought that counts. I wouldn't think anyone is lesser than me because they sent in a low priced gift.
But unfortunately rich friends would. They're respect for you falters as soon as they know about your financial background. Yea, True sorry.
Anyhow, saving is the way to go, you don't need anyone to bring you anything, save some on the side and when the time's right, you could invest in something you really wanted. :D

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